by Michael Anthi

Directed by:

Manousos Manousakis

Monday 11, Tuesday 12,

Monday 25, Tuesday 26 October

at 21:00 for a limited number of performances

Tour throughout Greece

Premiere October 11, 2021

Stathis and Fani are living out their seemingly normal relationship in a little place in rural Greece.  He is a doctor and a promising political party executive, she is a development manager in early retirement in order to dedicate herself to her family and their 15 year old daughter, Maria.  Behind the idyllic sense of serenity, however, there lurks a monster.

Maria’s behavior is rash and out of control, she stays out of the house at the most incredible hours, smokes grass naked in the school toilets with her classmates and a video with her in obscene poses is circulating on the web.  Her father manages to cover up most of the damage but Maria seems to have her mind set and keeps up the same behavior.  For a reason of her own she seems to want everything she does to be made public, until one night…

The monster begins to emerge.  And the darker it is, the brighter the light it emits.  A light as revealing as the little girl’s paintings that make up the horrific background of this story.

The winner of four state awards of the Ministry of Culture, Michael Anthis, has brought together a shocking thriller about domestic violence, to tell us that… “sometimes silence makes the most dangerous noise”.

Creative Team:

Text:  Michael Anthis

Directed by:  Manousos Manousakis

Sets-costumes:  Maria Karathanou

Music:  Giannis Makridis

Assistant Director:  Eleanna Plessa

Assistant Stage Designer:  Margarita Tzannetou


Tania Trypi

Constantinos Kazakos

At the cello, Stavros Parginos

Jenny Kazakou, as the voice of Maria

Directors note

Upon reading the work of Michael Anthi,  I immediately wanted to find the opportunity to direct it.  That opportunity was given to me by the producer, Giannis Makridis.

You know, Giannis Makridis is probably the only producer who composes the music of the works he produces.

The creative team put together for this project filled me with joy.  Two of my favorite collaborators, Tania Trypi and Constantinos Kazakos, are ideal for playing the multilayered and extreme roles.

What should I write?  What should be included, described and analyzed in a director’s note about the catalytic subject which is the core of Michael Anthi’s work…

A work that you read and re-read, you “see” and “see again”, each time discovering new  parameters, new depths to the characters, new aspects in its extreme development.

A work about three protagonists, two of which travel a cursed journey in life, without a way out, each for different reasons, neither receiving any mitigation at all.

No, there is no mitigation for either of them.  Only the third protagonist receives that relief, as she is the recipient, and not the instigator of the events  – as the other two are – yet she is the one who suffers their consequences.

Tania Trypi and Constantinos Kazakos play both perpetrator and victim, but victims who need no forgiveness as they are both trapped in an excessive “ Ego”, sometimes passively – at other times actively – moving in two parallel universes which ostracizes the third person involved, even though they ostensibly wanted this person to be the center of their existence.

I stop here, as anything further would undermine the work which is both  self-sufficient and self explanatory…

Manousos Manousakis

Monday 11,  Tuesday 12 October

Monday 25, Tuesday 26 October, at 21:00

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Reduced ticket:  twelve (12,00) Euros

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