The objective of the Foundation is the study, support and promotion of the arts of the theatre and cinema, across all eras, as well as the recording and safekeeping of works created.

The support of European cinema, via initiatives and proposals, as well as the promotion and strengthening of European culture and the cultural connection between European countries.

The above objective is achieved through:

The operation of a Cultural Centre which includes Theatre and Cinema Halls, exhibition areas and more.

Cooperations with other cultural institutions and foundations in Greece and abroad for the production and promotion of performances, events, exhibitions etc.

The organization of educational programs, workshops, seminars and more.

The introduction of new groups into Theatre and Cinema with an emphasis on the new generation of young artists and creators.

The establishment of scholarship programs for young artists-creators.

Members of the Committee

The Michael Cacoyannis Foundation is under the authority of a seven-member Committee, composed of a President, a Vice-president, and five advisors.

The current Committee composition:

Metaxia Tsirtavi (Xenia Kaldara), president

Georgios Georgis, member

Vasilis Delikaterinis, member

Panayotis Cacoyannis, member

Amanda Cacoyanni, member

Mary Panagidu, member

Ioannis Vlachos, member

Advisory Committee concerning Artistic Issues

The Advisory Committee concerning Artistic Issues provides counsel to the managing Committee in areas of artistic importance.  The members of the committee, offering their services without remuneration, are:

Dora Vizovitou:  President – Consultant for Cultural Management, Communications and Public Relations  

Elena Avramidou:  Ph.D, Associate Professor, Peking University, Department of History, Department for Greek Studies,  

Giannis Kontaxopoulos, Lawyer (Council of the European Union and Author, former Rapporteur of the Court of Justice and the Court of Auditors, 

Constantinos Markoulakis: Actor, Director  

Chrysanthos Panas:  Businessman, Collector

Fotis Papathanasiou:  Associate Professor of Cultural Management DPE – General Manager of B&M Theocharakis Foundation for the Fine Arts and Music

Sophie Papadopoulou:  Producer, Director, Actor, Acting Coach

Lambis Tagmatarchis:  Journalist, Collector

Artistic Advisory Committee

The members of the Artistic Advisory Committee offering their specialist skills pro bono:

Minas Mavrikakis, President of the Artistic Advisory Committee, Consultant on
Cultural initiatives, Communication and Marketing

Stella Angeletou, Productions Director National Opera House, Co – ordinator of the
Modern Thetre Festival “The Frensh Theatre a la grecque”

Theodoros Angelopoulos, Consultant on International Relations

Alexandros Vasilakis, Consultant  / Technical and Development Projects | 
Business Planning

Alexander Mordoudack Communications expert –  Pop culture researcher – Journalist

Minas Vintiadis, Journalist – Author

Christos Gartaganis, Technical Consultant on Cinema

Nicole Dimitrakopoulou, (Actor- Director MA Performance Making Goldsmiths
University of London) – Social – cultural Interaction Co-ordinator

Rodanthi Senduka, Visual Artist, Creator of the Olympic Games 2004 emblem,
Creative Director of Red Design Consultants

Poly Chrysanthakopoulou, Head of development at the Society for Promoting
Education and Learning



Acquaint yourself with the directors who make up the Management of the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation along with their contact details:

General Director

Metaxia Tsirtavi  (Xenia Kaldara)


Tel. 210 3418550

Fax: 210 3418570

Administration & Finance Department

Stavros Stavropoulos,

Administrative and Financial Director


Tel. 210 3418550

Fax: 210 3418570

Artistic Planning and Production Department

Alexandra Georgopoulou,

Artistic planning & International relations Director


Tel. 210 3418550

Fax: 210 3418570

Pigi Pifea


Tel. 210 3418550

Fax: 210 3418570

Digital Communication &  Marketing

Web Development

Project Design & Development Department

John Linas


Tel. 210 3418550

fax: 210 3418570

Technical Advisor

Costas Charalambidis

Tel. 210 3418550

Fax: 210 3418570

Technical Advisor for Cinema

Christos Gartaganis

Tel. 210 3418550

Fax: 210 3418570

Technical Support

Giannis Michalopoulos- Manager


Tel. 210 3418550

Fax: 210 3418570


International Communications & Intellectual Property Rights

Emily Brown


Tel. 210 3418550

Fax: 210 3418570

House Manager

Constantinos Kourtaras


Tel. 210 3418550

Fax: 210 3418570

Michael Cacoyannis Foundation Shop


Evi Chatzimihail, Manager


Tel. 210 3418550, 210 3418552

Fax: 210 3418570