Internationally renowned and awarded, Michael Cacoyannis has made unique work for Cinema, Theatre and Opera.

From 1950 to 2005 he has directed 15 films, 36 plays and 7 operas in Greece, USA and Europe.

“I keep my eyes open and get inspired either by classic works that are my life’s companions or by current affairs. I don’t have a single way of writing, because I’m trying not to dish my guts to people. There are directors that have a nearsighted perception of the world and this is what they show on repeat.

Each time I make a movie it’s because I’m triggered by something. I don’t make movies just to add them on my curriculum. I think that this is obvious from the beginning of my career. In Stella you can see feminism, the Girl in Black shows the oppression in the countryside, and the ‘tragedies’ are always relevant. All the movies I’ve directed were and still are related to reality. And of course, since I have immense respect for the great writers, it’s an honour to work on them. I’ve worked on Euripides and often on Shakespeare, since I stage their plays.” Michael Cacoyannis