Acknowledged and internationally awarded, Michael Cacoyannis has created outstanding works of Cinema, Theatre and Opera.

Since the 50s, he has directed 15 films, 36 plays and 7 operas in Greece, the U.S.A. and Europe.

“I keep my eyes open and I am inspired by classical plays, which are my companions, or by current live facts. There is not one single trait running through my work because I try not to serve my innards to the world. There are directors who gave a shortsighted understanding of the world and this they serve again and again.

Every time I make a film, I have an inspiration. I do not make films to add them to my curriculum vitae. I think that this appears clearly from the beginning of my career. With “Stella” feminism is evident whereas “A Girl in Black” shows the oppression of women in the country. As for the tragedies, these are always topical. All the films I have directed had and still have reality as their basic element. And of course, as I have a terrible respect for the great writers, it is an honour for me to work with them. I have worked with Euripides and I often work with Shakespeare, whose plays I produce in the theatre.” Michael Cacoyannis