Saturday 18/7/2020 | Pylos Castle – Region of Messenia
Monday 20/7/2020| Archaeological Museum of Olympia – Region of Elis, outdoors
Wednesday 22/7/2020 |Roman Odeum of Nicopolis– Municipality of Preveza
Friday 24/7/2020 | Archaeological site of Delphi – Fokida
Sunday 26/7/2020 | Courtyard space of the Archaeological Museum of Eretria – Euboea

Direction, music, sound synthesis: Louisa Costoula (Violet Louise)
Actors- Musicians: Aglaia Pappa, Harris Haralampous, Louisa Costoula
Audiovisual design : Studio 19
Costumes: Lilian Xidia
Visual material creative team : Nikos Levantis, Louisa Costoula, Vasilis Kountouris
Assistant Director: Elina Mantidi
Recording: Louisa Costoula, Studio 19

The performance, Trojan Women Marbleised, is a dramatic narration inspired by Euripides’ Trojan Women from the translation by Michael Cacoyannis.  It is based upon the use of audiovisual multimedia and the interpretations of three actor-performers.

The Trojan Women is a text that is perfect, in many aspects, for the creation of a contemporary form of narration.  It is a text that is timeless and extremely current at this point in our history.

The play, written in 415 BC, during the Peloponnesian war, is a deep condemnation of the expansionist policy of the Athenians, who, having slaughtered the Melians, were preparing for their invasion of Sicily.  The plot takes place at Troy which is in ruins at the hands of the Greeks,.  The women of Troy, and the eminent figure of their Queen, Hecuba, are to be led to the ships which will carry them to Greece as slaves.  The next day will be equally brutal for both the victorious and the defeated.  The horror of war imprints itself on the human soul, regardless of which side they belong.