«Transitions». Music and dance performance

«Transitions». Music and dance performance

Dance Club “Eirini” (www.xoreutikoeirini.gr), always with respect to the tradition and history of the Greek culture and following the successful course of 40 years, presents the music and dance performance “Transitions”.

The main idea of the show is, the identity of the Greek music and dance phenomenon during the 20th century, seen through diversities and various social, economic and wider cultural transitions of modern Greek society. Thus, the multifaceted cultural significance of the refugee flows from Asia Minor (Turkey) will be highlighted, with the presentation of the osmosis of the rural folk traditions with “rebetiko and folk song“, the transformations of the music and dance performances after the collapse of the traditional communities during the Second World War, the new elements that influence the identity of the folk song in the rural communities, but also in the urban space will be displayed, with reference to the discography and the new places of entertainment, as well as the important cuts brought by the post-war migration phenomenon in the cultural life of the Greeks of the Diaspora but also in the ancestral roots of immigrants.

The show will be conducted on the initiative of the Director of Modern Cultural Heritage of the Ministry of Culture and Sports and the Holy Diocese of Nea Ionia, New Philadelphia, Heraklion and Chalkidona.

Sponsored by Hellenic Radio Television – Second Program.


Song; Zacharias Karounis, Ioannis Pavlopoulos, Anestis Ioakeimidis, Eirini Derempei, Alexandros Papadakis, Konstantina Patsi, the musical ensemble “Isokratises”.

Musicians; Ioannis Pavlopoulos – violin, Alexandros Arkadopoulos – clarinet, Iordanis Kouzinopoulos – lute/guitar/song, Manousos Klapakis – percussion, Thanos Stavridis – accordion, Vassilis Tzortzinis – contrabass, Anestis Ioakeimidis – lyre, Dimitrios Bakos – bagpipe, Kostas Mitsios – bouzouki/lute, Alexandros Papadakis – lyre, Andreas Arvanitis – lute/ascomantura, Giorgos Anastasiadis – tsabouna, Giorgos Mavridis – lyre, Giorgos Georgiou – percussion.

Dancers; more than 120 members of the Dance Club “Eirini”.

Artistic Supervisor; Dimitrios Bakos.

Scientific Supervisor/ Editor/ Narrator; Thanos Kotsis.

Music Supervisor; Ioannis Pavlopoulos.

Dance Instructors; Dimitrios Bakos, Katerina Vogiatzidaki (Cretan section), Sissy Petrou (adolescent’s  section), Aristoula Toli (dances from Ipeiros)

Music Teacher; Eirini Derempei.