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from journalism to canvas

Art Exhibition

Curation: Popi Anastouli

Thursday 9 January until Sunday 26 January 2020

At the Exhibition Hall and the 2nd floor Foyer of MCF

Opening Hours: 18.00-22.00

Opening Ceremony: Thursday 9 January 2020 at 19.30

Free Entrance

“THE PASSAGE” is the first personal painting exhibition of the journalist Yorgos Coyannis and is an invitation for those who desire to be guided to the path from journalism to canvas.

A few words about Yorgos Coyannis and his exhibition “THE PASSAGE”

Yorgos Coyannis is a journalist born in Trikala in 1959. He studied Journalism at a Media Professional Training Institution in Athens and he started working actively on Communications field. His craving for inculating the facts and reporting kept him for a long period on the streets. He used to capture with his pen and his camera lens the signs of the times. Vigorous and dynamic, he distinguished on crucial positions in studios, press and more recently on Web with his principal collaborations with Rizospastis, Nea, Prwti, 24wres, Flash Radio 96,1, ERT, and as editor of the educational reportage and next up as political editor, news chief editor and news director at ERT, and Today, he is an anchor at ERT.

Pencils and paint brushes never stopped being for Yorgos Coyannis a mean of personal expression and balance. He still remembers today, while being married and having children, the period of his student years, when he used to leave behind for a while his pencils and his notes in order to work with his paint brushes, his markers and his colors.

The heritage of the journalist’s long and perpetual inquiry, the grand plainness of the pen and the crowded studios of madness, made Yorgos Coyannis share by his painting the craving of the restless journalist that never stops. A quest starting from the first ink stain that he let flow freely on the paper, in order to observe its truth, and ending at the techniques that he cultivated with steadiness and control in order to answer his queries within clear limits, bright and dark shades, colors and shapes. Writing and painting have many characteristics in common. The main characteristic of writing is not the typical beauty of letters and the truth that emerge within them but the sense of inspiration found in each sentence. In the same way, we find at painting the attachment in every mark and every stain that the color leaves on canvas, in an honest and simple way.

Art, as a steady progress keeps changing and Yorgos Coyannis after 40 years of self-taught painting has created a rich painting map which includes stimuli of everyday life as well as personal memories, preferences, agonies, dislikes and sympathies. His expressive power and directness makes him reveal the amplitude of techniques and the influence that he has conquered all these years by using colors and shapes, forms and multilevel synthesis.


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