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Mikros Notos Theater Company and Michael Cacoyannis Foundation continue their successful and fruitful collaboration by presenting an educational program for adolescents, “The Monster”, based on the novel of Mary Shelley “Frankenstein”.

Starting on Saturday 23 November 2019 and every Saturday at 17.30 for 5 actions (23, 30/11 and 7, 14, 21/12), Mikros Notos Theater Company will present at the specially designed Underground Hall of Michael Cacoyannis Foundation the educational program “The Monster” by the writer and director Chris Cooper, translation and blocking by Flora Spyrou, direction and original music by Giorgos Tzavaras and curation by Chryssa Diamantopoulou.

Mikros Notos Theater Company with the support and the co-funding of Ministry of Culture and Sports and in collaboration with the Art Company “Accident Time”, based in Great Britain, its artistic director, Chris Cooper, and the educational institution Jian Xue(NGO) based in Beijing, present the educational drama (Drama in Education) “The Monster” for teens aged 12-17 years.

“The Monster”, the educational program for teens occasioned by the novel of Mary Shelley “Frankestain” is trying to explore the concept of diversity in an experiential way.

“What makes us to be considered as humans?”

Having as a principal character this different creature, the teens will explore experientially questions as: what does the different consist? How is it to be different? What makes a person or a community to end up in focusing at the differences with his fellow humans (skin color, culture, gender, origin, religion etc.) and ignore the similarities that unify them such as human nature?

Why do we choose today an educational program that is based upon the principles of the Educational Drama?  The Educational Drama is a procedure that proposes learning in a sense of understanding ourselves and the world that surrounds us by combining learning tools and drama techniques.

It is a learning tool, a vehicle that will allow the participants to explore and work out issues, to express themselves, share their thoughts and ideas and finally concern themselves about behaviors, attitudes and values.

Why do we choose the novel “Frankenstein”? 200 years after the writing of the novel, it brings us face to face with temporal but still relevant issues. “Who is the Monster and where can we find it? In ideas, attitudes, people, actions? Which are the elements that contribute to the creation of the Monster?”  What is the role of the society at the shaping of Monsters?” How does Educational Drama works? This Educational Program evolves through dramatization of specific historic moments from tutors-actors but primarily through the actions that intervene and engage the participants in order to explore the questions that are set each time in different experiential ways (role-playing games, techniques of detecting thoughts, creation of frozen images etc.) and different points of view.

A few words about the play: Doctor Victor Frankenstein tries to find out from his childhood the way that world and nature work. He tries to discover the way that life is created. Living at the era of industrial revolution and of electricity, he decides and finally achieves to create a “human”, a Creature. As far as he completes his creation he rejects it and he abandons it, while calling it a monster. As a result the Creature remains alone and it starts its wandering the world and life while trying to be a part of human society. Duration: 90 minutes


Scientific Partner of the Educational Program -Text: ChrisCooper

Conception-blocking- translation: Flora Spyrou

Direction-Original Music: Giorgos Tzavaras

Animators- actors: Chryssa Diamantopoulou, Ifigeneia Makri, Dimos Mamaloudis

Set and Costume Designer: Ιkrek

Assistant Director: Iliana Pazarzi

Lightings: Apostolis Tsatsakos

Graphic design: k2design

Photos: Tasos Vrettos

Trailer : cGcFilmProductions

Executive Producer: Mary Konstantaki

Press Officer: Evangelia Skrompola

Curration: Chryssa Diamantopoulou

The Learning Action “The Monster” will be presented for the first time at Michael Cacoyannis Foundation (Specially Designed Underground Hall) in November 2019 for 5 performances, every Saturday at 17.30 and on weekdays at schools.