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Translation: Theodore Stefanopoulos
Director: Constantinos Chatzis
Movement / Choreography: Christina Souyoultzi
Costume supervisor: Magda Lada
Dramaturgical editing: Martha Koskina
Philology supervisor: Vicky Christou
*Music supervision: Κωνσταντίνος Χατζής
Construction of set props/dressing: Vassilis Roumpis
Assistant director: Stella Papaconstantinou / Mary Kaldara
Photographs / Video (trailer): Constantinos Chatzis
Performance program: Kappa Publishers

*A study on György Ligeti’s Requiem and Mozart’s Requiem

Performing: (in alphabetical order)
Gina Thliveri/ Teiresias – Chorus
Electra Cortanou/ Messenger one and two – Chorus
Nikos Manesis/ Dionysus – Chorus
Mariam Rukhadze / Cadmus- Chorus (floghera, violin)
Constantina Takalou / Pentheus – Agave – Chorus
Gilmaz Housmen / Dance
Nikos Samouridis / Dance
The whole troupe / Agave

A few words….
The Bacchae is the ultimate tragedy concerning the collective unconscious of the Dionysian world.  Euripides masterfully orchestrates the coming of a new God, one whom seeks acceptance and adulation in an attempt to compromise and balance the animalistic and the rational sides of human nature. The God named Dionysus, son of Zeus and Semele, returns to his birthplace, Thebes, in order to teach its people of the sacred Bacchanalia.  When he is met with resistance, in the form of his cousin, Pentheus, he exhilarates the women of Thebes into a sacred frenzy, the Bacchanalia, in a demonstration of his power. Pentheus arrests him in an attempt to exert his own power by imprisoning a god.  However the god has already incited his priestesses of Bacchus at Kythairon where miracles are born as they embrace and merge the dimension of the natural inclination of the environment within human nature. His revenge strikes as the lightening of Zeus which had incinerated his mother, Semele:  Overcome by his obsession to refute Dionysus’ divinity, Pentheus disguises himself and climbs to the top of Kythairon so as to witness with his own eyes the scenes of wild inebriation and the miracles performed by the Bacchae. Upon his arrival, however, he is devoured alive by his own mother, Agave, who mistakes him for a young lion.  Dionysus, triumphant, imposes his power upon Thebes who, in turn, adore him as a god and healer.  

· Wednesday 19/8/2020 |Ancient theatre of Maroneia – Municipality of Maroneia – Sapes
· Friday 21/8/2020 | Ancient theatre Demitriados – Magnesia
· Sunday 23/8/2020 | Ancient theatre of Larisa – Municipality of Larisa
· Wednesday 26/8/2020 | Ancient theatre of Megalopolis – Municipality of Megalopolis (Region of Arcadia)
· Saturday 29/8/2020 |Amphiaraion – Municipality of Lavreotiki