Opening of the Children’s Theatre 2022-2023 – COPERNICUS Group

Opening of the Children’s Theatre 2022-2023 – COPERNICUS Group


This year, the children’s stage of the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation begins with a big welcome to the Copernicus team!

The Michael Cacoyannis Foundation would first and foremost like to extend warmest sentiments to Carmen Rouggeri, beloved to the children and to us all!  Our collaboration  lasted nine whole years, a collaboration with a lot of love, through good times and bad. 

She taught us to love theatre for children and she taught us to fight to succeed

Thanks to the collaboration of the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation with Carmen Rouggeri, a dynamic children’s theatre was created in the Foundation’s central stage.  A space that supports quality theatre for children, with its own particular needs, its anxieties, and its own creative magic…

See you again soon, Carmen.

This year, in renewal of the program, we are handing the stage over to the excellent COPERNICUS Group.

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We welcome our new partners with great eagerness to embark on a a new journey in the continuation and renewal of the Children’s Stage of the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation. 

The much loved COPERNICUS Group this year counts 15 years of creative production and is celebrating with two performances for children at the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation.

Α. The imaginatively comic and controversial play “MUSIC IS FORBIDDEN” will premiere in November, with open performances every Sunday at 3.30pm and daily performances for schools.  As much as the title tries to convince us otherwise, it is a play full of music, humor and fun, that shows us, in the most wonderful, inventive way, that EVERYTHING IS MUSIC!

SUMMARY:  “In a lovely, quiet apartment building, Mr. Eudaimon, a sharp and disciplined building manager, lives his daily life in utter calm and quiet.  Everything turns upside down, however, when a young musician moves into the apartment next door.  The young man is conductor of a children’s choir and lover of all kinds of music.  Mr Eudaimon, highly irritated by his music, devises a cunning plan to drive him away!  At the same time, the young conductor tires to win his friendship, and prove to him that music is everywhere, even in his sterile and silent life!”

It is a play which talks about friendship, diversity and freedom and respect and it proves to be extremely relevant in the post-pandemic era.  In the successive problems which arise in the relationships of the theatrical characters, music works conductively, as a “bridge” that unites people, destroying every kind of border!  In addition to the strong musical presence, the play is certainly not lacking in humour, action, intense interaction and intelligent theatrical dialogues, which characterize every work of the COPERNICUS Group!  Besides, the text bears the signatures of Angelos Angelou and Emi Sini, while the direction – once again- is by the versatile Guy Stefanou.

Β. At the same time as “NO MUSIC”, the COPERNICUS Group is staging another play for children at the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation:  the huge success “MUSIC & INSIDE OUT”, which had a short summer tour in open air theatres in Greece and is now coming, enriched, to be hosted at the wonderful theatre of the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, every Sunday at 12.00, while it will also be available to show to any schools which would like to watch something completely different.  It is a play which combines both musical and theatrical elements, with the audience invited to take part and to watch two stories unfold – one theatrical, and one musical – that at times combine, and at others, are separate.


“A last-minute misfortune renders the new play of the famous director, Yiannis Drakopoulos, without a leading lady!  Confident of her own talent, the enthusiastic Ortansia will take on Pirates, maneuver like Bob the Chameleon, seek out the witch Skoupoxylanthi and will jump through hoops, like Farfalla the Whale – in search of a role, in this strange troupe.  In what position will she end up?

The multitalented group that appears on stage consists of musicians, singers and actors (among them the beloved Yiannis Drakopoulos (Our Best Years), Emi Sini (In the role of Ortansia) and the wonderful singer, Apostolos Psychramis) who will uniquely perform songs by the group COPERNICUS, both from the – now classic – album “The World Upside Down”, and from:  “Music is Forbidden”, “Speak and Shush”, and “Turn off the Light”.  The performance starts in November at the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation and promises to enchant children and adults alike.