No more music – Michael Cacoyannis Foundation


From 6 November 2022 and every Sunday at 15:30

This year, the KOPERNIKOS group celebrates 15 years of creative progress and celebrates it by presenting: “NO MORE MUSIC”, the project that established it at the top of the theater for children.

As much as the title tries to convince us otherwise, it is a show full of music, humor and fun that proves to us, in the most beautiful and imaginative way, that EVERYTHING IS MUSIC!

SUMMARY: “In a beautiful and quiet apartment building, Mr. Eudaimon, a sharp and disciplined manager, lives an absolutely quiet everyday life. Everything turns upside down, however, when a young musician moves into the apartment next door! Mr. Eudaimon, disturbed by his melodies and happy sounds, devises a dastardly plan to drive him away. At the same time, the young neighbor tries to win his friendship, proving to him that music is everywhere, even in his sterile and silent life!”

A show that talks about friendship, diversity, freedom and respect. How can many different people finally fit together and what can they get from each other, when there is a will and a good mood to cooperate? What happens when the roles are reversed and we become the “different” one?

With original songs performed live on stage with natural instruments (piano, accordion, ukulele, etc.) but also with the help of the children – spectators (!) it proves that everyone deserves respect and a second chance at friendship and joy! In addition to the strong musical presence and the educational features, the show does not lack humor, action, intense interaction and intelligent theatrical dialogues, elements that characterize every work of the KOPERNIKOS team.

The text is written by the two-time State Prize-winning writers Angelos Angelou and Emi Sini, founding members of the KOPERNIKOS group, while the direction is signed – once again – by the inventive Guy Stefanou.


Performed by: Elissaios Vlachos, Chryssa Kottarakou, George Skarlatos, Vassilis Hatzidimitrakis

Text: Angelos Angelou – Emi Sini

Direction – Scenes: Guy Stefanou

Costumes: Despina Makarouni

Lighting – Photos: Michalis Kloukinas

Motion editing: Anna Tsafa

Music – Orchestration: Angelos Angelou

Lyrics: Emi Sini

Asst. Director: Anna Tsafa

Recording, editing, mastering: Giorgos Ziotas

Production Organization Assistant: Katerina Mouhtaridis

Contact Person: Lamprini Giannoutsou

Poster: Kostas Theocharis


Venue: Michalis Kakogiannis Foundation

Address: Piraeus 206, (Hamosterna Heights), Tavros

Theater phone: 210 341 8550

Performances: From November 6, 2022 and every Sunday at 3:30 p.m

Duration: 65 minutes without intermission

Ages: 4 – 12 years


General Admission: €12

Reduced ticket for groups (>20 people), the disabled, those with many children, the unemployed: €10


More information:


telephones: 210-8674657, 210-8665144, (Monday – Friday 9.30-13.30),