You are currently viewing LITTLE PRINCE (Antoine de saint-exupéry) – Karmen Rouggeri

LITTLE PRINCE (Antoine de saint-exupéry) – Karmen Rouggeri

We keep on going!  The Karmen Rouggeri Children’s Stage will be presenting Antoine de saint-exupéry’s LITTLE PRINCE, at the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation.  The selection was, as always, made by the children themselves.

Rehearsals are already underway so that everything will be perfectly prepared by the time the measures of this difficult year have relaxed.

A masterpiece of global literature which, for years, has enchanted children and adults alike, takes to the stage in a performance for all the family.  The adaptation is by Karmen Rouggeri who also directs along with Christina Kouloumbis.  The performance remains true to the original text and aims at bringing its essence to the surface, shedding light upon it in a way that can be appreciated even by the youngest of children.

Stephanos Korkolis has created an original score which accompanies the performance.

Set and costumes:  Christina Kouloumbis

Choreography – lighting:  Petros Gallias

Sound design & Video art:  Antonis Delaportas

Lyrics:  Andreas Kouloumbis

Assistant costume designer:  Erica Alamanou

Production office manager:  Aggeliki Mantzourani


Nektarios Pharmakis, Avgoustinos Remoundos, Giannis Nikolaou, Giannis Tsourounakis, Constantina Linardatou, and Christina Kouloumbis