Oratorio for the celebration of 200 years of the Greek Revolution 1821-2021

Poetry and composition by Anastasia Guy

Under the auspices of the committee for the celebrations of 200 years of the beginning of the Greek Revolution of 1821 and the  ambassador of Cyprus Republic in Athens auspices Mr. Kyriakos Kenevezos


Limassol-Cyprus Literary Society

The House of Cyprus in Athens

Michalis Cacoyiannis Foundation

The above unique work prototype was created to commemorate the 200th anniversary of

the uprising of the Greek revolution of 1821.

The first performance was presented at Pattichio Municipal theatre of Limassol on  December 5th 2021 with great success.

The event was under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and Culture and by

Representatives of the Athletics and Youth authorities and the Mayor of Limassol Mr Nikos Nicolaidis .

The performance was filmed and shown by PIK, PIK CHAT channels on the 25th of March 2021.

The composer Anastasia Guy mentioned:

The Oratorio “IN INTAINTED TIME” is a glorious and panegyric hymn with an abstract structure that reflects the realistic and objective values ​​of that time. Furthermore, emphasizes the timeless values ​​of freedom and competitiveness. It is inspired by ancient Greek, artistic and modern rhythms that alternate, depending on the poetic conception of each part”.

Art Director: Violeta Cacomanoli

Soloists: Kalliopi Vetta, Marios Andreou, Anastasia Guy

The “Melodia” Vocal Ensemble of the Limassol-Cyprus Literary Society

The “Orpheus” Tripoli’ s Chorus

The Chorus of Music Society of Sparta

Conductresses: Christina Athanasopoulou, Violeta Cacomanoli

Narration: Maria Yiatrou


Piano: Joanna-Maria Galanou

Violin: George Konstandinidis

Clarinet: Nicol Peppa

Violoncello: Mariliza Papadouri-Papangelidi

Classical Guitar:Demetris Papangelidis

Contra Bass :Chrysostomos Boukalis

Start time: 20.00 exactly

Duration: 90’