About us

What is ScreenWiser and who is it for

ScreenWiser is a digital community aiming to meet the needs of the Fest of Fests network and bring together people involved with, or interested in the education of the “screenwise viewers,” who will be able to respond to the new digital era with a mature, critical and productive gaze.

What is Fest of Fests

Fest of Fests is an initiative for setting up an international network for youth film festivals, international and national policy-making, as well as academic and educational institutions leading the design and implementation of film literacy programs and initiatives throughout the world.

The centre of the network is Athens, where annual meetings are held between representatives of youth film festivals and celebrities of film education, academics and institutions, with the aim of developing synergies, common strategies and co-productions for a new generation of “screenwise” audience, from whom subsequent creators, as well as the demanding audience will occur: two necessary and complementary factors for the development and expansion of filmmaking production and market.

Fest of Fests project and ScreenWiser platform are under the scientific auspices of the National Centre of Audiovisual Media and Communication – EKOME SA, the official organization on audiovisual production and education in Greece.

Ambition – Vision – Mission

The ambition is to sit at the same table, bring forth good practices and what we have achieved at a local and national level in our countries. Together, we can promote them more broadly or internationally, exchange our stories and create open cooperation groups. An important goal is to embrace the value of media and film literacy education, and to highlight the need to introduce structured courses into the formal education of the member countries of our community. Another important goal is that our children will learn to recognize, analyze images and symbols, interpret problems of everyday life, and gain a critical attitude towards the information society. Our mission is the following: to create “screenwise” spectators, children and youth, with critical ability and maturity. Our vision is to grow and further cultivate their critical capacity to interpret audiovisual stimuli and to return this new way of interpretation and aesthetics to society for the purpose of developing the audiovisual industry and, more broadly, society and the economy. The screenwise viewer of the audiovisual media, especially cinema, has a deep knowledge of the cinema and the conventions that govern it, knows how to decode the content on screen and to recognize the visions of the creators. He or she is an energetic receiver of screen messaging, who manages the content with a critical and experienced gaze, and has an eye for quality which complements the magic of cinema: because the viewer’s critical eye toward film does not exclude the dimension of entertainment but strengthens it. This viewer knows how to approach the content with an enhanced pedagogical and creative dimension. This is the 21st century “screenwise viewer,” who combines the experience and knowledge of film education and creativity with multiplier benefits for himself and the democratic societies.

Our community aims to:

  • map activities for the screenwise audience internationally
  • create groups and synergies in the field of media and film literacy and education
  • facilitate the search for experts and critical partners
  • facilitate the exchange of good practices and methodologies
  • develop concepts for the creation of new projects
  • bring forth projects and initiatives on a wider level