9 rehearsals + 1 performance at Piraeus Street [Second Round]

    April 2013

    9 rehearsals + 1 performance at Piraeus Street
    A Community Dance at M.C.F.

    9 +1: Second Round
    A composite Choreographic Workshop
    during difficult times in Greece

    Dance Association: Amorphy, Lemurius, Dalika, Prosxima & Fora

    Michael Cacoyannis Foundation

    In April 2013
    , Michael Cacoyannis Foundation and the Dance Groups Amorphy, Lemurius, Dalika, Prosxima & Fora (Dance Association) organize for the second time an Open Choreographic Workshop that is addressed to an entire local community (community dance).

    The Workshop offers an opportunity to the participants to come closer through the art of dance. Furthermore, the participants will be able to have an idea of various contemporary art movements. The procedure aims at proving that something really unique can be achieved through cooperation and collective effort.

    The participation is open and free and it is addressed basically to the inhabitants of Tavros-Mosxato, Kallithea and the Centre of Athens. Students, unemployed young people, working people, housewives, pensioners, immigrants and athletes can participate. The one and only prerequisite is the obligatory attendance of the 9 rehearsals (3rd -28th of April 2013) and of course their participation at the performance.

    The participants will work in five groups, during the nine rehearsals; five unique choreographies will be presented in one performance. The three last rehearsals will be common and the final result will be presented in a single performance on Sunday 28th of April 2013, at 12:00 in the Theatre Hall, in Michael Cacoyannins Foundation, with free entrance.

    The Groups:

    • Primary Education Students (from 3rd Class of Primary School) Dalika –choreographer: Vasso Giannakopoulou (www.dalikadancetheater.com)

    • Young Unemployed People, Immigrants, Social Vulnerable Groups Prosxima –choreographer: Maria Koliopoulou (www.prosxima.gr)
    • Young Unemployed People, Immigrants, Social Vulnerable Groups Lemurius –choreographer: Katerina Skiada-Nikos Dragonas (www.lemurius.com)

    • Male Athletes, Amateurs or Professionals Fora –choreographer: Menti Mega (www.foraetc.wordpress.com)

    • People above 50 years old without previous experience in dancing Amorphy –choreographer: Jenny Argyriou  (www.amorphy.org)

    Those who are interested are kindly requested to fill in the relevant registration form (see attached file) and deliver it either in person at Michael Cacoyannis Foundation or send it by e-mail at info@mcf.gr until Sunday 31st of March 2013
    Turn of priority will be strictly held since each group can work with limited number of persons.

    Attention: Before filling in the Registration Form, each person who is interested has to check thoroughly the rehearsal schedule of each group either at Michael Cacoyannis Foundation or at MCF website: www.mcf.gr (see attached file).

    For any clarifications and information please contact with:

    Vaso Georgoula, 6942 06 30 87, daily at 10:00-15:00

    Submit Registration Form at:

    – Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, 206, Piraeus Str., Tavros, 177 78, Athens, tel.: 210 3418579
    – By e-mail: info@mcf.gr

    Bookings for the performance (from 15/4):

    Mon-Fri 11:00 – 14:00, 210 3418579


    In May 2012, Michael Cacoyannis Foundation hosted a unique dance
    performance. 60 professional and amateur dancers, young and elder, they
    worked together under the directions of 7 choreographers of the Dance
    Association for 9 rehearsals
    and they presented the choreographic
    performance “Chain Reactions”.
    The energy of all the participants
    pleased the audience
    , the event’s organizers and the choreographers.

    event has helped the idea that was conceived by the Dance Association: Amorphy, Lemurius, Dalika, Prosxima & Fora in
    Kalamata Dance Festival to set its roots in Athens, at Michael
    Cacoyannis Foundation.

    Nowadays, the Dance Community is
    organized by Dance Association, with the funding of Youth and Lifelong
    Learning Foundation and the General Secretariat of Youth, in the
    framework of the European Program “Youth in Action”.

    At the
    closing ceremony for the successful completion of the first Dance
    Community, all the participants expressed the necessity for its
    continuity. The results were evaluated by all the participants, with the
    presence of the President of Youth and Lifelong Learning Foundation,
    Filippos Lentzas.

    The positive aspect of the team work and the
    utility of individual and collective initiatives for lifelong learning,
    scientific activities and co-creation in dancing were the outcome of the
    Choreographic Workshop. The potential that was given both to young
    unemployed and the elder people, regardless their professional and
    educational background was also stressed.