With2Feet 6 – 10 May 2010

With2Feet 6 – 10 May 2010

5 Contemporary Dance & Dance Theater Performances
Choreography By:
Ted Stoffer
Yiannis Karounis
Jozsef Csaba Hajzer
Athanasia Kanelopoulou
and Paracoon Company

From 5 till 9 May, Van Dog Event Group presents performances of Contemporary dance & Dance theatre at the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation Theatre.
A solo performance by Yannis Karounis (Orbital), a duet by Ted Stoffer (In a landscape), a  trio by Jozsef Csaba Hajzer (S.K.I.N.S.) , a choreography with eight dancers by Athanasia Kanelopoulou (Shadows of Nothing) and a dance theatre performance by Paracoon Compnay (the Night), are presented in such a way as to project a wide perspective of contemporary dance art.

The performances are divided in two parts. On the first two days, the 5th and 6th of May, With2Feet presents the show entitled ‘the Night’.
On the  7th, 8th and 9th of May the second part is being presented with contemporary choreographies  by Ted Stoffer (U.S.A.), Jozsef Csaba Hajzer (Hungary), a Greek who lives and works abroad, Athanasia Kanelopoulou and Yiannis Karounis.

Those four acts aim to merge different schools and dance art forms through the approach of different choreographers with standards and experiences that originate from different countries.


“The Night”

The dream, and the expectation deriving from it, conquers. Many times it is forgotten in time. It is hidden, either consciously, or unconsciously. The dreamers who created it themselves defeat it while continuing to live inside it.
The play entitled “The Night”, has as a reference the human dream we hid from ourselves, allowing the nightfall in our lives. Even if we remained loyal to the expectation of the dream, how far did the dream itself not become a trap; How far did we let ourselves live through it minute-by-minute with simplicity and without strain?
Actors and dancers unite their powers and aim to bring warms to our cold hearts. To excite memory and sensations for us to remember how the dream and the hope exist inside up the as life flows like water in the river.

” Orbital “

Two elements are required in order for an orbit to exist. In this case a man and a ball are applied. Here, the man is anxious to assume a position which will determine his orbit, in order to balance out with another body. The ball is the body which in a way, circular and holistic, includes the wholeness of an existence and together they desire to draw a course.
«Orbital» was choreographed for Athens’ Video Art Festival 2009 and was presented for the first time in joint production with Circus Dayz at the Technopolis  of the City of Athens in May 2009.

Choreography/Interpretation: Yiannis Karounis
Music: Elias Vafiades
Camera: Kostas Vasiliagos
Lights: Dimitris Nasiakos
Costumes: Maria Karathanou


«S.k.i.n.s » is a choreography by Hungarian Jozsef Casba Hajzer. The bodies’ reaction to the music, either to the melody’s, or the drums’ sound, radiates with energy; sensuality and tenderness, while focusing on how the way a body moves can excite the emotions on the viewer.
«S.k.i.n.s» was choreographed for the festival Arc for Dance and was first presented by Dancce Unitiva at Dipilon Theatre in April 2008.

Choreography : Jozsef Csaba Hajzer
Dancers: Emmy Korfia, Varvara Alexopoulou, Elena Sgouramani
Music: Percussion Ensemble
Lights’ Engineer: Dimitris Nasiakos
Costumes: Natasa Dimitriou

“in a landscape”

With this act, famous choreographer Ted Stoffer, explores the human body as an internal landscape that has the capacity to perceive and to feel. It encloses a plain of beauty and lust while it can also be the common ground of a romantic couple that can create and destroy as well.
Emilia Korfia and Yiannis Karounis build together with the choreographer a strange but at the same time organic and unpredictable notation.
«In a Landscape» was written for the festival “Arc for Dance” and was first brought to the public by Dancce Unitiva at Dipilon Theatre in February 2009.

Choreography : Ted Stoffer
Dancers : Emmy Korfia, Yiammis Karounis
Lights’ Engineer: Dimitris Nasiakos
Costumes: Ted Stoffer

” Shadows of Nothing “

Is a choreography realised from Athanasia Kanelopoulou, featuring eight dancers, where each of them moves in their own separate space-time but in also in unison.
«in a lake of ice you slide, the cold air, the fresh water, whatever you asked for stands still, you would wish not to escape a sun, a warm draught would help, it would take you away from here, but again you don’t know»
«Shadows of Nothing» was first presented at the annual show at Niki Kodaxaki’s Higher Professional School by the school’s students at Athens College Theatre in May 2008, within the scopes of the School’s association with foreign choreographers.

Choreography : Athanasia Kanelopoulou
Dancers:Diana Gusman, Elena Vakali, Katerina Yevetzi,
Danae Gianisi, Candy Kara, Natasa Mastroyanaki, Elena Sgouramani, Leda Taktikou
Music: Silver Mount Zion
Light Engineer: Dimitris Nasiakos
Costumes: Athanasia Kanelopoulou