Seminar about Storytelling in Michael Cacoyannis Foundation

Seminar about Storytelling in Michael Cacoyannis Foundation

The theatrical group Buzz Productions Theater on the occasion of the play “Japanese stories of horror and mystery” that is to be held from May 6 at Michael Cacoyannis Foundation organized a seminar on “Narration in theater in response to stories of horror and mystery from Japan.”


The Program in Details
Mania Maratou – 22nd & 28th of April 2010
Akyllas Karazisis – 26th & 27th of April 2010
Blitz Team – 23rd & 24th of April 2010
Ektoras Lygizos -25th & 29th of April 2010


« The narrator speaks himself, personally addresses to living people who listen at that time, they are together in the same place. The narrator responds to stimuli he/she receives, either from the place, the circumstances, or even by the public when he/she addresses directly. The text is exactly what its name says: lying. The text is asleep, in a deep sleep or even worse…»

Mania Maratou

How to approach a role within the narration, repetition and sentence structure? How experiential stories lead us to the technique of storytelling to the degradation of the text and therefore to telling a story? What is the basic structure of stories and how can the structure help us better to narrate a story. Creating images in the mind of the viewer without any scenery, any costumes, through an “empty space” having as an only assets the voice and the body movement. During the seminar we will use experiential stories, tales, legends, jokes, funny stories and horror stories from around the world.