On Saturday 30/11 at 19.00 at the MCF Cimema


Thaleia Dragona, Emeritus Professor of the Department of Early Childhood Education (NKUA)

Mary Leontsini , Professor of the Department of Early Childhood Education(NKUA)

Antonis Papagiannidis, journalist- jurist

The actress Argyro Theodoraki will read fragments of the book.

Have you ever payed attention to the hands of the cashier at the supermarket? Do you know the name of the delivery boy that brings your order? Is the toll worker in love? How does the street cleaner stand the stink? What does the dispatcher think when she finishes her service? Does the usherette get bored when she watches the same performance every evening? Is the parking valet or the paramedic that gets more stressed in their jobs? How much information does a concierge learn in a big building? What does a bailiff feel during an eviction? What kind of life do they live? Is there fear, absence, despair or just boredom, loneliness and inner stillness? Do you get used to the boredom or it gets more and more intolerable? Can you bear the distance from the others and the compulsion of the repetition? All these unnoticed people in our lives, how do they see us? What do they think about us? Without doubt, much more than we think about them. We don’t recognize them, we don’t notice them and we don’t care about listening to them. And maybe we miss something. They know us well. Sometimes they know us even better that we know ourselves.