Acting for Film with Sophie Papadopoulos at the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation

Acting for Film with Sophie Papadopoulos at the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation

For the new generation of actors, a career pursuit that includes Hollywood, London, Berlin, Cannes, Venice, HBO, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV and Disney is the natural consequence of global Mobility.

Greece aims to become the Hollywood of Europe, this has already been highlighted by the increase of international film and television productions in Greece in recent years, making Greece a European Hub. The production companies choose Greece for filming and therefore require excellent service in terms of crew and cast, talented English-speaking actors can now participate in international productions.

Moreover, more Greek producers and directors make films in English, focusing their energies on the creation of  “international” work and because of this development  there is a growing demand for exceptional actors who can effortlessly perform in English and have the required professionalism to meet the demands of international producers.

Young actors should aim to orient their careers at an international level, artists must have excellent acting training and knowledge of the professional requirements of major productions. The international recognition of Greek actors is something that pleases all of us particularly.  At MCF we are committed to helping and activating Greek actors to find their rightful place on the international arena.

Sophie Papadopoulos is the Founder of iWa with presence in Athens and Los Angeles. iWa offers specialized workshops for actors, directors and producers servicing their needs for the latest in professional development and artistic growth. iWa has a strong network of professional from the global entertainment industry and provides a platform for Greek artists to expand their opportunities by networking and creating powerful relationship at an international level. 

iWa has an exclusive affiliation with the Beverly Hills Playhouse in Hollywood and is a Certified Teacher, coaching Actors internationally on Milton Katselas famous Acting Approach.  Sophie teaches the BHP technique at the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation in Athens – Greece since 2011 and  teaches and directs up-and-coming artists and professionals from the field of Theatre and Cinema.

Actors Studio

Intensive training in acting with main tools the study and performance of scenes (scene study, auditions, and monologues) from films and TV series.  

For professional actors who have finished acting school and students in acting schools . In addition, if you have professional credits but have not gone to acting school, apply because each case will be examined separately.

Due to limited places, you are required to apply be sending your resume & headshot for consideration. The next step would be a brief Zoom interview before your application is final.  

The teaching language will be English with clarifications in Greek, if needed. Your English should be at conversational level. (Auditing is allowed for directors, writers, producers, and actors).

The course dates & time

There are 2 Separate Groups

Group A:
  06 March – 22 May every Monday 17.00-20.00  (17/04 & 01/05 off)
Group B:  01 March – 03 May every Wednesday 17.00-20.00

Students are required to obtain the following books:

Acting Class – Take a Seat by Milton Katselas – Kindle Edition

The Oasis of Insanity – The Study and Pursuit of Acting at the Beverly Hills Playhouse by Allen Barton – Kindle Edition

The cost of participating in the master classes is €300 and an additional €20 for the books. For more information




Rena Kyprioti  – Actor – Athens

“Acting, Attitude, and Administration-The broad areas of the BHP acting approach, which means both: craft and career.  Sophie is an inspirational acting coach. She is very professional and gets results immediately. With her approach I’m sharpening my choices and cultivating the confidence in me. The approach is spot on and gets the best performance out of you. You have to rethink your “attitude” and your “administration” and put this talent and attitude effectively into the world. My booking are already starting to happen.  Sophie, I’m really grateful, thank you.”

Angelo Poulis  –  Actor /Stunt Performer / Film maker

Los Angeles / Athens

“Acting classes with Sophie Papadopoulos were my first acting experience. When I started acting I used to be shy, having stage fright and lack of confidence. Under the guidance of Sophie, along with Milton Katselas method, she taught me with hard work and persistence I can manage to achieve my first goals. I used the ‘attitude’ and ‘administration’ advice that I learned and a year later I am in Los Angeles having signed with two of the best talent agencies (RPM and KMR) and I have already started this big journey. I recommend these acting classes only to people who are serious about their career and the industry and want to achieve big goals. Sophie Papadopoulos – bridging the gap between America and the dream!”

Marilena Cavazi – Actor

Athens / Munich

“Sophie’s class was for over 10 weeks a safe space for me to work on my acting and collaborate with like minded people in a fun, light but meaningful way. Sophie is open hearted in her coaching, sincere in her advice and feedback and will push you to take risks to move outside your comfort zone. Especially when it comes to the administration part of an actor’s career, her European oriented view, her inside knowledge of the industry and her dedication to push Greek actors forward is priceless!”