2 Sisters, Myrto and Gioulika


Rambert MOMENT at the Bouffes du Nord Theatre from October 26 to November 24, 2021.


The award-winning French writer and director

Pascal Rambert

directs his work in Paris and Athens (2 Greek actors):

2 Sisters, Myrto and Gioulika

Every Monday and Tuesday

At the Theatre of the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, for a limited number of performances

Time:  20:30

Premiere Monday 29 November 2021

During the performance there is an intense strobe light effect for a duration of approximately 3 minutes

France’s beloved Pascal Rambert, who writes, directs and presents his work around the world, accepted the invitation and challenge of the Attiki Cultural Society to direct the work of Sœurs in Athens, with Greek actors of his choice, Myrto Alikaki and Gioulika Skafida.

At the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, on the main stage, he found the space that is the natural environment for the complexity and intensity of the specific work.

A performance that is renewed every night and requires significant physical and mental effort.

On stage, the 2 actors, 2 sisters, appear as two boulders of energy, moving in an organic relationship in space.

The result is a physically rough, ruthless game of actors / characters.

Pascal Rambert, awarded for his oeuvre by the Comédie Française, as well as the Grand Prize for Dramatic Literature, believes that words, text, and therefore actors, hold the power in a play.

Sœurs, Sisters, Hermanas, Sorelle.

The play travels around the world with the same title, in different languages, with different actors, but always with the same director, Pascal Rambert.

Rambert’s works have been translated, published, directed, and staged around the world (Europe, South America, Japan, China, Balkans, etc.) In 2019 he opened the famous Avignon Festival with his play, Architecture, which he wrote especially for the Palace of the Popes with the crème de la crème of French stage actors.

Greek title:  2 sisters. Myrto and Gioulika

In Athens, to which he is bringing his work for the first time, following casting in January 2020, he chose his heroines, the actors Myrto Alikaki and Gioulika Skafida.

The play is about the relationship between two sisters who, during an encounter, bitterness, anger, resentment, hatred, and passions unfold!

Step by step, word by word, body to body, in a collision conflict which never ends.

Pascal Rambert does not just direct.

He fully engages energies, bodies and emotions.

Two sisters and two personalities,

Two versions of the past,

Two views on life.

A tale of resentment, misunderstanding, open wounds, payback, loss, separation.  However, during this encounter, in the exhaustive struggle, violence and love are intertwined.  Conflict both separates and unites.

A battle to exhaustion to ultimately express mutual love.

In an intensely stifling and painful confrontation, issues such as domestic violence, devaluation, neglect, loss, the complexity of our times, and isolation, weave the canvas of the work for which the critic of the French Le Monde wrote, after the performance:  “I doubt if any of the spectators could sleep afterwards”.

Creative Team:

Direction, lighting, installation:  Pascal Rambert

Greek translation:  Efi Giannopoulou

Performing:  Myrto Alikaki & Gioulika Skafida

Assistant director:  Margo Karagianni

Photos: Maria Stefosi

Commissioning/Representation: Attiki Cultural Society

A co-production of the Attiki Cultural Society and GRENTERTAINMENT WORLD LTD


Monday & Tuesday

At 20:30

Premiere:  Monday, November 29


Zone A:  25€ / reduced  20€  (student, unemployed, large family, disabled and over 65)

Zone B:  20€ / reduced  15€  (student, unemployed, large family, disabled and over 65)





Attiki Cultural Society:  210. 7225469