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THE GRAND INQUISITOR – THE DEMONS | In the role of The Grand Inquisitor Lydia Koniordou Direction: Constantinos Chatzis From Friday 4 October 2019 In the specially configured underground space of MCF
Group Art Exhibition Curation: Iris Kritikou Thursday 26 September until Friday 27 October 2019 At the Exhibition Hall and the 2nd floor Foyer of MCF Opening Hours of the Exhibition: 18.00-22.00 Opening: Thursday 26 September at 20.00 Free Entrance
Direction: Nikos Touliatos Second year of performances Starting on Monday 14 October 2019 And Every Monday at 21:00 At the specially configured underground hall of MCF For a limited number of performances
IMMF 2019 – THE FILMS OF THE COMPETITION SECTION The International Micro μ Festival 2019, for its 9th edition, will be held between October 9th and 13th, 2019, in several cities simultaneously, inviting once again the public to the ballot. The fifteen films of the competition section that will be screened during the Micro μ Festival live like every year, were selected from hundreds – and more – applications, making their selection a first small victory.
Mikros Notos Theater Company and Michael Cacoyannis Foundation renew their successful and fruitful collaboration for the theatrical season 2019-2020 and present their new production, “O Raftakos ton Lexeon” (The Little Tailor of Words) by Antonis Papatheodoulou.
Frank Wedekind LULU Adapted and directed by Yannis Houvardas What man does not search for the ideal woman? And what man has ever found her? What happens, when the abyss of human sexuality meets the profound existential need for love?
ACROPOL 61’- WHEN MARIA CALLAS MEETS SOFIA VEMPO | Direction-Concept: Vasilis Anastasiou Argiro Caparou-Irini Karagianni Premiere 15 November 2019 Every Friday at 21:00 & Sunday at 19:00 At the cinema of MCF
After “the Expedition of the Argonauts”, Karmen Rouggeri and Christina Kouloumpi direct the myth of Theseus and Minotaur at the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation for the 2019-2020 season. Children and adults will follow the route of the well-loved hero of our mythology, in a subtle and detailed performance.
Tuesday 17 December at the Theatre of MCF | Using these mystical words, Othon encapsulates the intention behind his much anticipated forthcoming album ‘The God Within’ that will be presented at the Theatre of MCF. By means of piano, electronic manipulation and sound...
Timing - Giorgos Chatzipavlou | From Saturday 25 January until Sunday 16 February Every Saturday and Sunday at 21.30 At the Theater of MCF
A STORY WITHOUT NAME The secret passion of Penelope Delta for Ion Dragoumis Starting Friday 17 January 2020 At the Theatre
SOLDIERS | Directed by Pantelis Flatsoutsis Starting on Monday 17 February Every Monday and Tuesday at 21.00 At the Specially Designed Underground Area
NEWS | Join the discussion! As part of the Global Media and Information Literacy Week celebrations The Michael Cacoyiannis Foundation and FEST OF FESTS...
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