About Love

Goethe – Himonas – Anagnostaki

Konstantinos Hatzis


Friday 10 May until Tuesday 14 May 2019


At the Specially Configured Underground Level

About love…

Tree parallel erotic monologues. Goethe’s Berther meets the speech of George Himonas and Loula Anagnostaki, until it reaches “Asma Asmaton”.

All the aspects of love, light, darkness, death, happiness.



Text Editing: Giannis Hartodiplomenos / Konstantinos Hatzis

Direction/ Lightings/ Stage installation: Konstantinos Hatzis

Musical composition/ Curation: Alexandros Mentis

Movement Editing: Electra Kartanou

Assistant Director: Marilia Mitrousi

Photos: Karol Tzaerk 



George Savvidis

Electra Kartanou

Giorgis Vasilopoulos


Appropriate for people over 17 years old.