Friday 3 until Sunday 19 May 2019

In the Exhibition hall and the foyer of the 2nd floor of MCF

Daily 18.00-22.00

The exhibition ‘The Performance’ returns to its place…

A new program which has started a long time ago in the Photography College ‘Focus’ and the MCF.

New photographers present a part of their work which is the capture of the activities of the MCF in their own point of view.

The practice in producing a photographic exhibit which is effectuated in real circumstances such us the rehearsals, performances, backstage, set up of an exhibition etc. becomes an excellent tool for the technical development, but mostly for the aesthetical perception, that a young photographer is called to develop.


Responsible for the exhibition: Marilena Stafididou

The students who participate:

Stelle Anastasopoulou, Nikos Georgantas, Stefania Latsi, Antonia Petriri, Gogo Ponirakou, Iris Rontosniki, Margarita Skrinou, Nektarios Sougleris, Giorgos Sotiriou, Iria Tamari. Ria Tsela. Giorgos Christopoulos  


Video of the exhibition: Promo video