From Saturday 25 January until Sunday 16 February Every Saturday and Sunday at 21.30 At the Theater of MCF 90 […]

Theseus and Minotaur

After “the Expedition of the Argonauts”, Karmen Rouggeri and Christina Kouloumpi direct the myth of Theseus and Minotaur at the […]


| NEWS | Join the discussion! As part of the Global Media and Information Literacy Week celebrations The Michael Cacoyiannis […]

Love me if you dare

Group Art Exhibition Curation: Iris Kritikou Thursday 26 September until Friday 27 October 2019 At the Exhibition Hall and the […]

Lithuanian Conference September 2019

Program 6th September Keynote Speakers: 10.00 Prof. Vladimir Mirodan FRSA, Emeritus Professor of Theatre 11.00 Frank Pecquet,   Associate Professor at […]

“RUN ON ART” presents

Art Production Promotion and Empowerment Art stories Art Secrets Just like every personal journey hides its own unique story, so […]