Workshops David Glass Devising for Physical Theatre

5-10 May 2020

Michael Cacoyannis Foundation


Actors/ performers/ dancers… even experienced amateurs… or those of us who believe that we still have a lot to learn from a great teacher. Suitable for old and new students.

Devising for Physical Theatre

5-10 May 2020, Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, (24 hours) 


Devising for Physical Theatre.

“Physical and visual theatre are at the centre of attention of the contemporary theatre. The requirements of the contemporary physical theatre demand developed skills of devising and understanding. The adequate knowledge of the physical and visual theatre is the base of a dynamic physical theatre and with these resources and tools, David Glass’ workshop will help the participants to go a step further, to discover, enrich and clarify the elements of devising. By being an innovator in these types of theatre worldwide, David is the most suitable person to connect the elements of the Devising theatre with those of the Visual/Physical theatre. David’s approach to teaching is provocative, playful, challenging and rigourous.


Physical theatre originates from an internal research process of the actor, using improvisation and exercise to awaken the instinctive physical reaction to a stimulus free from restrictions imposed by logic. It’s about “Here and Now”, and though performances often have speech, they go beyond the realistic type of theatre. The narration is not usually linear, but subtractive. The body is the main tool of expression.

David Glass CV

David Glass is an international award winning solo performer , theatre director , teacher and creative thinker. He is one of the UK founders of the Physical and Visual, Devised, Ensemble  and Applied theatre movements. Training at the Lecoq school of physical theatre he also studied with Decroux, Grotowski Alvin Ailey, Mike Alfreds, Ed Berman, Peter Brook, Master Lim and Augusto Boal. He is a leading international theatre teacher and has taught and influenced three generations of theatre makers in 73 countries, including Simon McBurney (Complicite), Emma Thompson (Actress), Amit Lehav (Gecko Theatre) Hayley Carmichael and Paul Hunter  (Told by An Idiot ) Lloyd Newson (DV8), Liam Steele (Physical Director), Stephen Daldry ( Billy Eliot), Tina Ellen Lee (Opera Circus), Jim Chim Hoi (Theatre Ensemble Hong Kong), Tom Morris (Warhorse). And has been an influence for performers such as Kathrine Hunter, Anna Marie-Duff, Sarah Parrish and Gong Lee. Always a maverick David is often sighted by Theatre Leaders as a defining force in world theatre. He has worked in over 70 countries.

In 1990 he established David Glass Ensemble and has toured to 32 countries with Mervyn Peake’s Gormenghast which won him TMA Best Director award in 1993.

DATES /TIME 5-10 May 2020

5 May   Tuesday          (Theatre) 18.00-22.00 = 4 hours
6 May   Wednesday      (2nd Basement) 18.00-22.00 = 4 hours
7 May  Thursday OFF
8 May   Friday            (2nd Basement) 18.00-22.00 = 4 hours
9 May   Saturday        (Theatre)           12.00-18.00 = 6 hours
10 May Sunday           (Theatre) 12.00-18.00 = 6 hours

– Language: English with translation in Greek

– You are kindly requested to arrive 15 minutes earlier with suitable clothing

INFO: Alexandra Pavlidou: 6944636066 / 2107523004,