The theatre hall has 328 seats and there are wheelchair spaces available. The amphitheatric arrangement of the hall combined with the non-elevated stage and the intense gradient between the rows, create immediacy between the stage and the audience, as the rows of seats “hug” the flat space of the stage. Such morphology refers directly to ancient theatres.

Wood dominates the hall; dark on the floor and light on the vertical surfaces which contributes not only to the halls aesthetics, but also to perfect acoustics. For its theatrical use, the stage is transformed into a black box, while several auxiliary spaces are provided, as well as special structures (vampire, deus ex machine).

More than 120 lighting projectors are suspended from the ceiling, able to cover a wide range of lighting requirements. The sound and lighting booths are in line of sight with the stage. There are auxiliary spaces in the backstage, as well as a fully equipped technical floor. The theatre hall has also access to a lift for scenery/ loads from parking level.

The hall is designed for plays; however it can host several other events such as conferences, presentations, even film screenings.

For conference usage, besides the booth for translations (capacity for 3 languages + the speaker’s language), the hall is also equipped with a pull up screen and a backdrop that enhances the audience’s vision.