THEATRE – “The Visitor”

“The Visitor”…returns for a second year

The play “The Visitor” by the author Eric Emmanuel Schmitt returns for the second year to the theater of the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation.

Directed by Sotiris Tsafoulias.

“The Visitor” by Eric Emmanuel Schmitt returns for its second year to the theater of the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, following its great success, directed by Sotiris Tsafoulias.

The performance, which garnered the interest of the audience and critics, received great acclaim thanks to the exceptional performances of Manos Vakousis in the role of the Visitor, Fotis Thomaidis as Freud, Maria Papalambrou as Anna Freud, and Dimitris Papadatos as the Officer.

Fiction and real events from Freud’s life, the father of psychoanalysis, existential issues, ideas, and quests compose the central core of the work, which ultimately seeks the mysteries of human nature, as well as the great ideological and metaphysical questions of existence.

The Nazis have invaded Austria and are persecuting the Jews. Sigmund Freud continues to believe in the future and refuses to leave. But

on this afternoon in April, the Gestapo arrests his daughter Anna and takes her for interrogation. Freud remains alone and desperate when suddenly, a stranger enters through the window. Who is he? A madman? A magician? Is all of this just a dream? Is it an embodiment of Freud’s subconscious perception? Or is it, as he claims, God in person?

Note by Sotiris Tsafoulias:

“When I read Eric Emmanuel Schmitt’s work ‘The Visitor,’ a phrase by Euripides came to mind: ‘What is God? What is not God? And what lies in between?’

The conversation between the atheist Freud and the Visitor at the heart of this allegorical work resembles the summary of a discussion on a topic that will always occupy and divide people, not only among themselves but also within each of us. This work won me over because it is bold in the way it raises questions while maintaining an excellent balance in the approach to the questions it poses. It has passion and respect and does not provide answers. And that is precisely what makes the work both philosophical and deeply romantic.

Because Love lies in the Questions.”


“The Visitor” by Eric Emmanuel Schmitt

Translation: Sotiris Tsafoulias – Antonis Galeos

Directed by: Sotiris Tsafoulias

Set and Costume Designer: Polytimi Machaira

Music Composition: Thodoris Oikonomou

Lighting Design: Sotiris Tsafoulias – Elena Petropoulou

Photography: Petros Hondos

Cast: Manos Vakousis, Maria Papalambrou, Fotis Thomaidis, Dimitris Papadatos.

Production: Robin 4 Arts