Tuesday 22 March 2022

The MITRA Dance Theater group presents the performance:


The performance deals with the concepts of space, time and place, guiding the spectators in a surreal “Famagusta” universe.  The city of Famagusta, referred to as a symbol of a “blooming” and “fruitful” microcosm, is transformed into a landscape in which dancers and actors recall images of the past and fantasy, creating possible realities.

Choreographer’s note

“The idea started from the realization that the new generation in particular does not know enough about the history of the city of Famagusta, apart from the fact that it is a ghost town and that it was once thriving.  So how can you fight for something when you know nothing of it, when you do not miss it?  How can you claim something that you never had before?  My choreographic approach is a parallel to the city of Famagusta, with aspects of ourselves that are beautiful, pure, perhaps even raw.  The text and the speech of the actor serve to concretize the story we are telling.  The performance is multifaceted and varied:  I am trying to tell a story through the text, the dancers’ movement, the original music composition, the video projections, the art installations and the lighting.  The text is written in the Cypriot dialect and this makes it very direct to the Cypriot spectator”.  (Marina Pogiatzi)

Creative team

Concept  /  Choreography:  Marina Pogiatzi

Performing:  Aliki Evgeniou, Kyriakos Ierodiakonou (Blaze), Ioulia Charalambidou, Theodoros Sourmelis, Marina Pogiatzi

Music:  Marios Takousiis

Visuals:  Christos Avraam

Text / Research:  Theodoros Sourmelis

Video / Graphics:  Baoonz

Lighting design:  George Lazoglou

Date:  Tuesday 22 March 2022

Duration:  55 minutes

Entrance:  Free

Start time:  8.00 pm

Venue:  Theatre Hall, Michael Cacoyannis Foundation

Information:  https://www.facebook.com/MitraDanceTheatreCompany

Sponsors:  Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture  /  House of Cyprus  –  The Michael Cacoyannis Foundation

Media sponsor:  ERT

A few words about the MITRA Dance Theatre group:

The MITRA Dance Theatre group (founded in 2012) is the artistic child of the choreographer, Marina Pogiatzi.  It embraces artists from the fields of dance, theatre, music, and the visual arts, always with the human body as the central axis.   The main cofounders of the group are the dancers Aliki Evgeniou and Stella Eftixiou, the actress Nayia Anastasiadou and the artist Christos Avraam.  The group’s name was inspired by the Greek word “mitra” (uterus), which describes the place where new life is created.  Allegorically, MITRA is the place of creation of the work of art .

Spectators, including minors from 12 years of age upwards may enter following a mandatory demonstration of the following:

a)  certificate of vaccination,


b)  certificate of recovery issued thirty (30) days after the first positive control with validity lasting up to one hundred and eighty (180) days following

in combination with the above:

c)  Police ID or driver’s license or passport or other proof of identity in order to carry out an identity check on the above under (a) and (b).

The above certificates (a) and (b) are displayed either in printed form, electronically  or via mobile app, which the owner or legal representative of the company (or authorized person) scans electronically through the special application of article 33 of law 4816/2021 (A’118) Covid Free GR.

Minors up to seventeen (17) years of age may submit a self test statement of the last 24 hours.

Foreigners from a third country (outside the European Union) must demonstrate the above mentioned certificates in hard copy.