Sing to me Historically

Sing to me Historically

Figures and events of the Greek Revolution through the folk tunes and art songs of the Greeks. (Graeci)

20 September 2022 – 20:00

Participants /performers:    Mariza Anastasiades -soprano

                                                      Zbynek Maruska – pianist

                                                      Phani Maruska – narrator

The Cypriot soprano Mariza Anastasiades and the pianist Zbynek Maruska unravel the thread of time and history, presenting as historical evidence, twenty emblematic songs and tunes of the Greeks, in artistic processing. Songs through which events are recounted and historical figures of the Greek Revolution are presented while at the same time the soul and the indestructible ideals of the Greeks emerge.

The musical part of the concert is enriched with short, historically interesting comments presented by a narrator-educator.

The whole event is a musical-historical encomium of the national revival with the rich musical tradition being as a vehicle.

Program duration:       45΄- 50΄