It’s time to leave a difficult period behind us!

As the quarantine measures are starting to lift, we are returning to our activities surely yet safely, with  a renewed sense of responsibility and social sensitivity.  As of Monday 18/05/2020, in accordance with the Announcement made by the Ministry of Culture, rehearsals will be recommencing for performances which are due to run during the current and upcoming season.  The Michael Cacoyannis Foundation houses four halls which can all be safely used for rehearsal purposes.  All health and safety protocols have been and continue to be adhered to so that artists and personnel alike can use the halls with  peace of mind and utmost safety.

Theatre hall:                                                      Stage area of 90 m2 Dimensions:  12m width X 9,80m depth

Cinema hall:                                                      Stage area of 22,5 m2 Dimensions:  9m width X 2,50m depth

Specially converted underground hall -2:     Stage area:  108 m2     Dimensions:  9m width X 12m depth

1st floor Foyer:                                                   Stage area:  113 m        Dimensions:  16m width X 9m depth        

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