«People without a Name»

A theatrical play by ErMa Theater Group, dedicated to the unsung heroes who take care of patients -family members, loved ones, friends- with chronic diseases

For 6 performances only

Tuesday and Wednesday from 11-26 January 2022 @ 21.00

Michael Cacoyannis Foundation 206 Piraeus Str., (Near Chamosternas Str.), Tavros, Athens

ErMa theater group presents, the play “People without a Name“,every Tuesday and Wednesday from 11 to 26 January, at Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, which attempts to address the important issue of the lack of palliative care, as part of our country’s care system, through six different stories of caregivers.

At the same time, the performance focuses on the value and contribution of these people to the care of their loved ones and the impact this responsibility has on their own lives.

The text is written by Katia Papaioannou, Ermioni Politidou, Maria Stefanidou, whilst Ermioni Politidi is also the director.

About the performance

A sudden aggressive form of cancer forces F to take care of her partner. Her desire to provide him with a decent everyday life for the time he has left, leads her to devote herself at his care. While trying to cope with the difficult situation, she seeks answers through stories of other caregivers. Thus, six stories unfold in succession, revealing different aspects and perspectives of the same problem.  Difficulties of different kind, dissimilar circumstances, ages, interpersonal relationships and characters. All caregivers join the patients in a race to win the battle against Cancer, Alzheimer and Multiple Sclerosis. Childhood cancer is also mentioned through a parent’sperspective. The spectator, as if looking at the interior of a room surrounded by glass, watches the small, everyday moments of these heroes, that at times evoke emotion, at others laughter and perhaps, a sort of empathy. Those stories, reconcile F with what she is called to deal with.

ErMa theater group

ErMa theater group was founded in 2020 by artists who are interested in presenting original works, aiming to awaken the social consciousness on issues that have rarely been the subject of public debate.

Why this subject?

The aim of this project is to address the major problem of lack of palliative care as a provision of our country’s health care system and its result, as this role is informally assumed by the patients’ relatives, who don’t have the necessary knowledge, training or psychological support they need. In many cases, the care they are called upon to provide their suffering relative might last for years, is difficult and complex and especially, intrudes their own personal lives in ways that may possibly cause them physical and mental problems. In the writing of the project, research carried out by the team with questionnaires answered by carers of patients, was instrumental. Finally, we want to emphasize that for every patient with a serious chronic disease, there are one or more other people suffering with them, as they bear the burden of responsibility for their care.

Creation Team

Writers: Katia Papaioannou, Ermioni Politidou, Maria Stefanidou
Dramatic Editing: Katia Papaioannou
Director: Ermioni Politidou
Set Design, Costumes: Dimitris Mentes, Dimitris Stogiannos
Set Design Assistant: Stavros Paneras
Music Composition: Kiki Kerzeli
Lighting Design: Melina Mascha
Choreography: Magdalina Pandraklaki
Video: Konstantia Papadopoulos, Giorgos Athanassopoulos
Photos: Aristea Anysi
Communication: Marianna Papaki, Nondas Douzinas


F – Maria Stefanidou

H- Tassos Chryssopoulos

Production Organization:
  theater & projects

«People without a Name» Book

A book, dedicated to patient caregivers, which was created under the auspices of the Hellenic Society of Medical Ontology (HESMO). In this book, doctors, psychologists and writers provide their insight on the purpose of the play and the issue of caregivers as a whole. It also consists of the research carried out by HESMO in cooperation with ErMa theater group, as well as caregivers’ stories, as described by themselves during the content research for writing the theatrical play.

The Album is published by Eurasia Publications.

You may acquire the album:

  • Eurasia Publications or by calling 6979232368
  • ErMa Theater Group via Email (ermatheatergroup@gmail.com) and Social Media (FB: @ermatheatergroup, Instagram: Erma_Theater_Group)
  • At Michael Cacoyannis Foundation during the period of performances

You may support us by crowdfunding in the following link, that also contains information for the performance and the group: https://www.giveandfund.com/giveandfund/project/anthropoixorisonoma

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSm2tAxD6Kg&t=16s

Michael Cacoyannis Foundation is COVID-FREE space


Location: Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, 206 Piraeus Str., (Near Chamosternas Str.), Tavros, Athens
Dates: 11-26 January 2022. Every Tuesday and Wednesday at 21:00

Duration: 75′

Information: Tel.: 210 341 8550, www.mcf.gr
Tickets: 12€, 8€ reduced
Tickets are available at the Foundation’s funds (Piraeus 206, Taurus), Mon-Fri 11:00 – 14:00, but one hour before the start of events

Tickets are sold at Ticket Services Tickets, 39, Panepistimiou Stoa (Pesmazoglou Stoa). Hor. Ticket Services Ticket Service: Monday. & Wed 09:00 – 17:00, Tues, Thurs & Fri 09:00 – 20:00, Sat 10:00 – 14:00, ticketservices.gr