Rendition / Direction:  Constantinos Chatzis

From Friday 4th December 2020

The great texts are a true yardstick of our cultural maturity

They are not timely

Neither do they reveal current truths.

And they do not identify with the “here and now” of each era.

And that is because they create our era.

By revealing our sociopolitical, philosophical, theological present.

They are contemporary not because of the identification with our times but because they are contemporary in essence.

The people themselves and their actions

Through the centuries they trace the very path of our own spiritual journey.

Each time we interpret one of these great texts, we interpret our very selves

Defining our present

And our future.


Lydia Coniordou

Dimitris Capouranis

Nikos Manesis

Vasilis Milionis 

Mariam Rouhatze

Dimitris Tsiklis