Michael Caoyannis 100 years

Michael Caoyannis 100 years


100 years since the birth of Michael Cacoyannis.  This year, we decided to celebrate by remembering his assertive passion. 

Michael Cacoyannis honoured Greece to the ends of the earth, he adored the Athens sky.  It was here that he lived and created for most of his life.

His base, his home that “looked upon” the Parthenon… and he himself “looked upon” the Parthenon and so under his own initiation, the lighting of the Acropolis was implemented by the leading French expert, Pierre Bideau.

The Parthenon was built in an era of peace and creation.  It stands as a symbol to remind us how important the work of people can be, when there is peace, and this is what differentiates it from the other world monuments. 

And this is why it must stand intact and unique.

 On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Michael Cacoyannis and as we all “look upon” the Parthenon, we would like to remember, once again, his claim, a claim that belongs to us all, for the Marbles to return home.

Because the Parthenon must stand intact and unique.

“These stones cannot make do with less sky”

Yiannis Ritsos