Based on the novel “THE STRANGER”

Michael Cacoyannis Foundation- Underground area

“If there’s one thing I could say,

it’s that everything happened because of the sun…”

      One of the proponents of the theory of absurdity, the French Nobelist, philosopher and writer Albert Camus, captures the literary equivalent of his ideas about absurdity in his novel “The Stranger”.

       Death, the sun, the mother, isolation, time, and justice appear thematically throughout the play through one of the most charming anti-heroes in world literature, Meursault. An ordinary employee, whose mother dies in a nursing home, travels to attend the funeral, during which he does not cry. Later, he commits an unnecessary crime on a beach in Algiers. He is being judged in silence by a narcissistic society. In the midst of an absurd trial,we witness the public “suicide” of a man who opened his arms to the “tender indifference of the world.”

The director of the play, Eleni Pappa, a graduate of the first Department of Directing of the National Theatre, together with the actors Michalis Avratoglou, Dafni Atia, MyrtoKoulouridi and Dimitris Pagonis, bring Camus’ literary masterpiece to life in a minimalist universe consisting only of a toy piano. sand and light. The four pulsating bodies of the actors unfold the story.

The director of the show notes:

          Who among us can really be an individual in a world eager to devour anyone who “doesn’t play the same game”? In a world that favours the privileged. Who among us can stand to walk only bytheir truth? Maybe only Meursault. His lonely and invisible revolution could very well embody the author’s position “I rebel, therefore we exist.” Because if we overcome the absurdity of the worldtoday, then we will overcome italways.


Text: Albert Camus

Translation: Antonis Galeos

Direction-Theatrical adaptation: Eleni Pappa

Motion co-editor: Nena Drongiti, Eleni Pappa

Sound design: Giorgos Livanos

Stage installation: Eleni Pappa

Lighting Supervisor: ThomaisTriantafyllidou

Assistant director: EleftheriaKonstantopoulou

Video trailer: Konstantinos Kardakaris

Poster: “Ignatius”

Contact person: Angie Nomikou

Production: BLACKBOX THEATRE COMPANY – Non-Profit Association

Performers: Michalis Avratoglou, Dafni Atia, MyrtoKoulouridi, Dimitris Pagonis


From Monday 30/1/2023 and fora few performances.

Monday, Tuesday at 21:30.

Michael Cacoyannis Foundation- Basement – Piraeus 206, Tavros.



General admission: €13

Concessions: €10