From April 24th to June 7th

Wednesday to Sunday

Maria Stuart, a theatre play about politics and metaphysics – A world literature classic .

Maria Stuart, the catholic Queen of Scotland, is suspect for murdering her husband. She escapes to England and asks for protection from her relative, Elisabeth A’, the protestant Queen of England. Nevertheless, the country can’t bear two such sovereign personalities. Elisabeth allows the imprisonment of her Scottish rival and after years of intense political and religious upheaval, sentences Maria to death (by axe) but she is reluctant to sign the execution order for three days.

The chain of events during these three fateful days tightens the noose for the two queens and the men around them. The blood freezes. Betrayal, madness, alternating alliances, overthrows. Existential crisis that haunts mind and soul. During these days it gets clear that Elisabeth’s fear to kill her rival is stronger than Maria’s fear to die.

Both Queens are aware that they live in a world designed by men, for men. They have both experienced, in a different way during their lives, what it means to be weak and to be powerful. Now, they claim everything.

Life is but a moment. Death is but a moment, too.

– Fr. Schiller

Fr.Schiller not only created a political thriller by his play “Maria Stuart” but as a writer and philosopher, he used his heroines in order to dramatize his thoughts about freedom, justice and humanity. His main characters – two legendary women are at the same time conducting and conducted. They know that they make history. Under these circumstances, they are forced to look into the maelstrom of their inner world and finally, the question arises: Did Elisabeth lost more while living than Maria by her death?

Stephania Goulioti and Loukia Michalopoulou at the leading roles complete a diverse team of actors under the direction of Marlene Kaminsky, who also adapted the play in German. Stavroula Tsiara translated the play in Greek.

Both the play’s adaptation and translation stay faithful to the style and rhythm of Schiller’s text. Modifications are made only when necessary, for the play to be better understood by the contemporary audience.

Direction-Adaptation: Marlene Kaminsky

Translation: Stauroula Tsiara

Stage Sets – Costume Design: Maira Vazeou

Original Music Composition: Evangelia Velli-Kosma

Lightings: Cecilia Tselepidi

Executive Producer: Katerina Diakoumopoulou                                     

Starring: Stefania Goulioti, Loukia Michalopoulou, Nana Papadaki, Stathis Mantzoros, Argyris Gkagkanis, Yorgos Symeonidis, Constantinos Giannakopoulos