Was Candy-Candy really an orphan? Was Inspector Gadget as naive as he looked? Was Gargamel really that bad? Did you know that Pocahontas has no hair? That Little Red Riding Hood has a thing for Betty Boop? That Jessica Rabbit is already a widow? You must have heard that Asterix has gone crazy is there maybe a chance hes faking it? Are you sure that Papa-smurfs shiny blue color is still there? And if its not what went wrong?

Do you remember the name of that green guy that was beating everybody up? Was it Hulk? How many bullets was Lucky Luke shooting at once? Did you know that the real name of Barbie was Barbara? How fat is Obelix nowadays? Is he fatter than ever? How much have all these fellows changed since they were our best friends? And how much have we changed meanwhile?

Our childhoods heroes obtain their third dimension and they return in flesh and bones, old, alone and more miserable than ever. Characters in crisis, are closing their eyes to all the damage time has caused and they are about to experience some extreme and rough situations, under unnaturally happy circumstances. More cynical and less innocent, they meet again for one and only wild reunion. They throw the most tender goodbye-party ever and they take one last breath before they sink.