Karpos – Workshops

Karpos – Workshops

Karpos is starting a new collaboration with the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation for this year.  Karpos’ many years of experience in designing and implementing film workshops for students of all ages is transferred to the halls of the MCF which are equipped with professional technical equipment, thus giving the opportunity to the children to experiment and gain practical skills in the different parts of film production.  It is a unique opportunity for students of all ages to create while having fun, in a place with a long cinematic tradition.

The collaboration will begin with a first range of autonomous workshops and soon a series of activities related to the combination of film education and new technologies will follow.


Since 2008 Karpos has been designing and implementing workshops for teachers and students of all school levels.  It has educated over 500 students from all over Greece.  For the last eight years it has been participating in European programs focusing on film and audiovisual education.

You can find out more about the actions and workshops of Karpos here




Ages:  9 –  17

Using the special 3 meter surface of the green screen provided by the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, children practice creating short stories that introduce the imaginary element, or set up their own News Bulletin, learning how to use popular cinematic technique, in which they combine different backgrounds with the theatrical movement of the characters, the projection of images, and their own speech.


Ages:  8  –  15

Can we tell a story with a beginning, a middle and an end with 12 photos and captions?  The students, in small groups, will develop their own version of a story. They will learn basic storytelling principles, become familiar with the role of director, photographer, assistant director, and set designer.  They will learn to write dialogues and play roles.  The final result is presented on screen and the class as a whole decided on the dialogues.

In a following meeting, the children can have the opportunity to convert their photo story into video and audio by learning recording techniques and digital audio processing.


Ages:  10  –  17

How is a real news report carried out?  What is its relation to documentary?  How is the camera and microphone set up and why?  The students are guided in the procedures that a professional shoot requires, they take turns in all the roles of the crew and learn in practice how to write and ask questions like real journalists!



Ages:  10  –  17

Pixilation is a type of stop motion animation in which students themselves take on the role of moving objects, learn about serial cinematography, take photos, and determine the rhythm and the format of their film.  Thus, the students are introduced to the field of animation in general, understand the basic principles of its operation and practice in an original story where in which they both play and photograph all together.



Ages:  5  –  17

In the context of the photography workshops, students are introduced to the art of portraiture.  With the help of professional equipment, they will learn about the options in the placement of camera, the use of lenses and light, and will examine techniques and ways of photographing faces based on their characteristics, body language, and the identity of the person being photographed.



Ages:  5  –  17

Through excerpts from selected films and with the help of professional but easy to use equipment, students will learn how we can tell a story through its sounds, how we use microphones, and how we connect image and sound effects.  These important aspects of cinematic narrative will be focused on with the goal of creating a different, original soundtrack with each attempt.


The workshops are designed and implemented by Karpos instructors (Maria Leonida, Marilena Grispou and Myrto Kokkinou-Georgopoulou) with professional experience in Directing, Production and Photography.

Maria Leonida

Co-founder and Director of Karpos.  A director with studies in History, History of Art, and Cinema.  She has directed documentaries in collaboration with ERT, the Greek Film Centre, German Television, the E.B.U and applications with interactive content.  A collaborator of the Melina Program, she written the Curriculum for the teaching of Documentaries at the Art High Schools, and has designed audiovisual workshops for the University of Athens, the University of Frankfurt, Directorates of Education, the British Council, the WWF, and European programs in France, Germany, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Italy and Turkey, on the subject of cinematic language, interdisciplinary learning and the use of new technologies.  She is also a Member of the Film Literacy Advisory Group

Marilena Grispou

Marilena Grispou is a photographer.  She studied photography at the University of Central Lancashire  in the Unite Kingdom, (2011), and then completed her studies at the Academy of Creative Photography “Leica Academy”, in Athens (2013 – 2015).  She collaborates as an animator of Karpos, as a photography teacher for refugee minors in cooperation with the Danish Refugee Council, as well as being involved in actions with the basic tools of image, sound, and storytelling, in various schools around Greece.  In addition, her personal involvement with photo projects related to social issues and minorities, she has work experience in digital image processing, digital and museum printing, as well as in the field of Motion Graphics & Post Production.

Myrto Kokkinou – Georgopoulou

She works as an assistant in the workshops and seminars for Karpos.

She is an artist and video editor with experience as an assistant director and script for television and cinema and as an assistant director for theatre.  She completed her undergraduate studies at the Department of Theatrical Studies of the NKUA and Kalova University in Prague and her postgraduate studies at the Film Department of the Arts University Bournemouth.  She wrote her thesis on the concept of heterotopias in the works of Th. Triaridis, while she focused her dissertation on the “unfamiliar”, the “defamiliarization” and the female gaze in cinema.  She is also involved in music.

Indicative Actions & Collaborations of KARPOS

European collaborations of recent years:  2013  –  2021, YouthDOCs, YCARHe, EU Media Literacy Standard, Silence Hate, MigratED, Film Education, App Your School, STEAMulate Your School, Speak UP-Media For Inclusion, etc.

Karpos contributed to these projects by creating new workshops and implementing them  in schools throughout Greece, along with textbooks for teachers on how to apply these workshops to their classrooms.

In May and June 2021 Karpos organized the pan-Hellenic Competition “My City is Transforming” in which  schools from all over the country participated.

The children were asked to make a stop motion animation on the theme of their city after they had attended Karpos’ workshop for  stop motion animation and creative writing.

In November 2021, at the Ethnofest film festival, the films created by students of Karpos were screened as part of the workshops of the European project Speak Up-Media For Inclusion.  These films were distinguished among the films of all the countries that participated in the program.


The film education action “Video Museums” was awarded by the Institute for Media Research and Media Education in Munich, as one of the 12 best action plans in Europe in 2011-13.  In 2015-16, the action “Our Opinion”,held nationwide, received double distinction as one of the 12 best European audiovisual education projects at the Evens Foundation Media Education Prize 2017, while receiving the Special jury prize MEDEA AWARDS 2017.

The audiovisual training for the project “A suitcase with images & sounds”  (exclusive donation of SNF) is on the short list for the Medea Education Prize 2020.  The MigratED program was awarded for good practice by the LLLAwards 2020 “Lifelong Learning for Sustainable Societies”, an action of the Lifelong Learning Platform” for educational practices focusing on creativity and inclusion.


This collaboration gives us the opportunity to bring our experience and know-how to the excellent technical facilities of the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, with its tradition in cinematic events and activities.  The workshops are held during school hours every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 09.00 – 13.00.  Registration starts as of February 1st, 2022.

To register, please fill in this form.

The cost for the school workshops is 6 Euros per student for each meeting lasting 90 minutes.  Minimum number of children per workshop is 18 students per workshop (in the case of fewer children, the cost of 18 will be covered).

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