Mikros Notos Theater Company and Michael Cacoyannis Foundation renew their successful and fruitful collaboration for the theatrical season 2019-2020 and present their new production, “O Raftakos ton Lexeon” (The Little Tailor of Words) by Antonis Papatheodoulou.

On Sunday, October 6th and every Sunday at 12pm, Mikros Notos Theater Company will bring on Michael Cacoyannis Foundation’s stage, Antonis Papatheodoulou’s book “O Raftakos ton Lexeon” by Metaichmio Publications, in a new theatrical adaptation by Tina Yotopoulou, directed by Yorgos Tzavaras, original music by Nikos Platyrachos and artistic management by Chryssa Diamantopoulou.

O Raftakos ton Lexeon” is a modern fairy tale that that has won the heart of both children and adults. It is a tender, touching and as relevant today as ever story that talks about love, the power of words, the warmth and comfort they offer and the need for communication.

Mikros Notos Theater Company brings to life this favorite book of both children and adults. Using pure “ingredients” – live music, movement, interaction, pantomimeMikros Notos Theater Company creates a “handmade” show that is warm and colorful, like the Tailor’s blanket that covers and warms up everyone in his town.

STORY: Once upon a time in a small town that looked like a village, there was a tailor that was one of a kind. He was unique not only because there was no other tailor in town but because he would create clothes with words! He would carefully select the suitable words for each resident so everyone was kept warm during the winter and cool during the summer. However, the time went by, the town grew in size into a big city and people became hasty and forgetful. Therefore, they forgot about the Little Tailor. And then there was a winter so heavy, that their new clothes couldn’t keep them warm. It was only then that they remembered the Little Tailor who knitted words in such a beautiful way in his handmade clothes. Those clothes brought their lost warmth back. Because it is the words that keep us warm, that refresh and comfort our hearts.

Mikros Notos Theater Company presents, from October onwards, its new production”O Raftakos ton Lexeon” (The Little Tailor of Words) for open audiences and school visits at Michael Cacoyannis Foundation.  In addition, the show can be played for you and be performed in school classrooms, festivals and other events. Moreover, other successful shows of Mikros Notos, “Gyro Gyro Mines” (Months, Round and Round), “Koukoumblis“, “Aisopou Comics” (Aesop’s Comics) and the interactive educational program “To pio glyko psomi” (The sweetest bread) are running again, going to schools, events and… wherever kids are!

A few words about Mikros Notos Theater Company.

Mikros Notos Theater Company creates, since 2012, interactive shows with live music, using known, traditional but also original musical instruments. It derives its themes from stories, myths, traditions and folk fairy tales.

All Mikros Notos Theater Company shows are hosted at the Ministry of Education website.  ιστοσελίδα e-yliko του Υπουργείου Παιδείας.


Author: Antonis Papatheodoulou Theatrical Adaptation-Lyrics: Tina Yotopoulou Director: Yorgos Tzavaras Artistic Manager-Text Supervisor-Assistant Director: Chryssa Diamantopouou Original Music: Nikos Platyrachos Set and Costume Designer: Georgia Bourda Movement: Anna Anousaki Actors: Nikos Axiotis, Dimitris Yannis, Youli Karnahoriti Live Music: Mikros Notos team, Soundscape Design: Yorgos Tzavaras Planning of Interactive Educational part: Flora Spyrou Art Creative Design:  k2design Press Contact: Evanggelia Skrobola Producing Director: Chryssa Diamantopoulou Production: MIKROS NOTOS AMKE School Booking Agent: “Texnes kai Paidi”


MCF-Video Room

Opening day: Sunday, October 6th at 12:00pm

When: October 6th, 2019 to April 12th, 2020

Day & time: every Sunday at 12pm and weekdays for school visits.

Duration: 70 minutes

Tickets: 10 euros (8 euros for groups over 10 people)

School Booking Agent: 210 3803197 & 698 5970285, texnes.paidi@gmail.com 

www.mikrosnotos.gr |www.facebook.com/MikrosNotos|