Group Art Exhibition

Curation: Iris Kritikou

Thursday 26 September until Friday 27 October 2019

At the Exhibition Hall and the 2nd floor Foyer of MCF

Opening Hours of the Exhibition: 18.00-22.00

Opening: Thursday 26 September at 20.00

Free Entrance

The exhibition “Love me if you dare” (“Aime moi… Si tu peux!” / «Αγάπα με αν τολμάς»), continues its journey from Crete to Athens, and as a result, on Thursday 26 September, at 20.00, it is being presented at Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, in collaborationwith the Museum of Visual Arts of Heraklion, where it was originally presented , on April 2019.

The greek title of the exhibition, inspired by the French movie with the same title by Yann Samuell «Jeux d’enfants», attempts just like that one, to show that love is an even more fascinating game than life itself.

The works of 54 important artists who honor the exhibition with their participation, go through a similar agonizing journey.

“Love me if you dare”: two people who love each other deeply, are capable of everything, the best and the worst, breaking the existing rules.

The main subject during the choosing procedure for this exhibition, remained this unbearable game which, many times, goes beyond the suited edges and our personal boundaries. In this visual narrative that can be read in many different ways, lurks the ability or weakness in saying “I love you”. The relief in saying “I need you”, the need of saying “Stay”. The possibility of pronouncing pending dark phrases such as “Play this game with me”, “Hurt me as much as you can”, “Love me as much as you can”. The bravery in asking – “Can you bear loosing me?”, or, “Can you bear keeping me?”.  And furthermore, – Can you bear overcoming yourself again and again?”, – “Can you bear overcoming the limits?”. The strong desire to receive an answer to the question – “Can you bear getting hurt?”, or –“Can you bear not hurting me?”.But also, – “Up to where could you stand going without me?”, – “Up to where would you dare reaching for me?”

The artists who participate, suggested personal artworks and confessional artworks which penetrate into the self abaton. Artworks that “confess” the heartbreaking beauty and the poetic tension of love, beyond space and time.

Participants of the exhibition:

Giannis Adamakis, Christina Aktidi, Dimitris Andreadakis, Nektarios Aposporis, Anna Achilleos, Alexis Veroukas, Irini Vigiatzi, Marios Voutsinas, Vasilis Garifallakis, Savvas Georgiadis, Stratigoula Giannikopoulou, Maria Grigoriadi, Dikea Despotaki, Giannis Dimitrakis, Maria Diakodimitriou, Fragiskos Doukakis, Konstantinos Esslin, Apostolis Itskoudis, Minas Kampitakis, Voula Karabatzaki, Theofilos Katsipanos, Nikos Kranakis, Maro Kornilaki, Dimitris Kretsis, Eleni Kiriazopoulou, Magda Leventakou, Lidia Margaroni, Varvara Mavrakaki, Konstantinos Mavrakakis, Stella Meletopoulou, Timos Batinakis, Giannis Bekiaris, Georgia Bliatsou, Rouli Boua, Christos Pallantzas, Gefso Papadaki, Maria Pastra, Triantafillos Patraskidis, Stelios Petroulakis, Giorgos Saltaferos, Miltos Skouras, Stefanos Souvatzoglou, Vasilis Soulis, Marina Stellatou, Lena Tatarida, Dimitris Janis, Antonis Titakis, Katerina Tsebeli, Baso Triga, Virginia Filippousi, Athina Chatzi, Nikos Christoforakis, Giorgos Chouliaras, Aristidis Chrisanthopoulos.

Within the exhibition, a catalogue designed by Kostas Fischer is being released.