Theatre for Teens at Michael Cacoyannis Foundation.
Starting on 20 October 2019 and during the whole school year
2019-2020 .

Every day performances at 10.30 for schools.

 A new theatre play, in original text from “OneTwoFree” is coming at Michael Cacoyannis Foundation for youth audiences, after the big success of the performance for teenagers “Poios Theleis Na Gineis”, having as a theme the addiction to videogames.

The play is deeply touching and it has a story to unfold about the modern teen issues through a future perspective .

The performance, by means of new technology theatre techniques (multimedia, projection mapping etc.), aims to confront the teen audience with the quandaries and the moral dilemmas that come up from the continuous expansion of technology in modern society.

Up to which point are we willing to sacrifice our independence in order to have some facilities in our lives?

What is the significance of knowledge and observation of the past and history, at the development of the person and the community?

How easily could you embrace a life model because you are immersed in a “protective” ignorance?

Meanwhile, we discover the mechanisms that are activated when the stake is the freedom of thought and the personal freedom.

Spectators will interact with texts of Plato (Allegory of the Cave etc.) and with ideas expressed by well-known intellectuals of each era like J.L.Borges, E.Galeano, J.Ellul.

About the title: It is interesting to note that in French didactics the word “erreur” (error) instead of “faute”(mistake), seems not to be chosen by chance. It derives from the verb “errer” meaning “wander around”. This word cross-refers to the dynamic role of the error during the learning process, the captivating journey of conquering the unknown.

Synopsis: Our story is set in a dystopic future where everything belonging to the past is already forgotten. All the historical facts have passed into oblivion.  Everything that is considered sacred originates from technology and conquest of the future. Reading and writing are totally renounced from a major part of the society while knowledge is disseminated by videos and pictures. Everything looks perfect and shiny till the moment that a group of young people makes a discovery that will change life by the way they knew it. They will wander in the dark in order to find a light, the light of people that continue to surprise, to be surprised and to hope.

The performance is profoundly influenced by the discussions we had with pupils that attended the performance “Poios Theleis Na Gineis” and they inspired us with their thinking, their concerns and their enthusiasm.

Cast and Crew

Text: Lefteris Katahanas, Sofia Palantza

Direction, Choreographies: Sofia Palantza

Visual Effects Design, Graphics: Thanasis Dalas

Lighting Design, Filming, Film Editing: Dimitris Logothetis

Curation- Costumes: Maria Palantza

Sound Design, Recordings: James Raffan

Musical Composition- Song Lyrics: Lefteris Katahanas

Technical Support: Skarlatos Vassilopoulos

Trailer: Dimitris Logothetis

Photos: Olga Tzimou

Production: OneTwoFree Theatre

Starring (in alphabetical order): Nikitas Anastasopoulos, Krissana Alefantinou, Nikol Dimitrakopoulou, Lefteris Katahanas, Sofia Palantza.

Starring on video: Nikolas Alexiou, Stelios Patsias


Michael Cacoyannis Foundation: 206, Piraeus Str. (near Chamosternas Str.) Tavros, Athens 177 78- Phone number-210 3418550

Day and time: Weekdays for school visits at 10.30

Duration: 75 minutes (without interval)

Ticket price: 6 € (for schools)


Contact- Reservations: 210 93 28 034, 698 61 92 208