Electras of the World

Electras of the World

Comics Exhibition Stories inspired by the tragedies “Electra” (by Euripides and Sophocles) and the Libation-bearers (by Aeschylus

April 28 – May 10 2022

Action: “Establishment and Promotion of International Institutions of Contemporary Culture in Attica”.

It takes place within the program for the Ancient Drama and Popular Culture

Entitled: “Grand Narratives / “Atreides: The Greek and Czech Society Turned Upside Down On Stage”

Part of the Action “Ancient Drama: Interdisciplinary and Cross-Act Approaches”

Free Entrance

The Michael Cacoyannis Foundation presents the comics exhibition “Electras of the World” from Thursday, April 28 to Tuesday, May 10, 2022. Contemporary artists have created original stories inspired by the being and character of Electra, the symbolisms and the particular themes encountered in the tragedies “Electra” (by Euripides and Sophocles) and the Libation-bearers ( by Aeschylus)

Participating artists:

Renee Angelidou (Fokshee), Nikos Agathos, Dimitra Adamopoulou, Iakovos Vais, Thomas Valianatos – Io Armata, Melina Vlachou, BLESSED – Lida Zachopoulou, Giannis Galaios, Dimitri Chevet, Nanco, Geo Georgia Kalogeropoulou, Valia Kapadai, thanasis Karamapalios, Thomas Kefalas, Nikos Kourkoutas, Kristanz, Chryssa Lambrakopoulou, George Mikalef, Marios Boras, No Budget Epics, Kalli Doltseti, Pavlos Pavlidis, Dimitris Papoulias, Angeliki Salamaliki, Eleftheria Sarri, Dimitris Trakosas – Afroditi Rizou, Nikos Tsouknidas – Maria Karazanou.

Their stories often follow the motive of the archaic myth, however, at the same time, they place it in a contemporary socio-political setting or in the world of fantasy and imagination, in order to function as a means of re-examining the profound concepts and ideas it deals with (the delivery of Justice, revenge , personal and collective responsibility and moral consistency).

The art historian Athina Exarchou comments in the exhibition’s catalogue: “With regard to these scenes from the myth of the Atreides, and the way that characters and events are interwoven within the ancient narrative, the question arises whether analogies can be drawn with modern ‘landscapes of the soul’ and the contemporary cultural production. Family arguments, murders of women, the morals of closed societies, vendettas, psychological dead ends, the abuse of power and taking the law into one’s hand, are not just relics of the past but continue to make front page news and shock the public without always resulting in a catharsis. These dramas are recorded by the media not just as one-time occurrences but as the episodes of a story: the viewer/reader follows the plot from the start to the peak of the action, and then to its conclusion. It is precisely this narrative structure, the clash of the characters and the road to salvation that one also finds in comics: the pictorial rendition of stories through which the reader witnesses passions, familiar and unfamiliar situations, and personas both comic and tragic.”

Opening: April 28, 20:00

Visiting hours: Monday-Sunday, 18:00-22:00

Free entrance

Curation: Calliope Liadi, Artistic Advisor of the Program

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Within the framework of Regional Operational Program “ATTICA” Partnership Agreement 2014-2020, Act: Establishment and Promotion of International Institutions of Contemporary Culture in Attica