“The Song of the Earth” – Ecological theatrical play for children

Michael Cacoyannis Foundation includes in its Children Program the performance “The Song of the Earth” during the Sunday mornings from October 10th to December 19th 2010 and gives to its young friends the opportunity to enjoy an ecological and environmentally aware theatrical play for children by the cultural society “Lotinos Helios”.

Serving the field of drama shows for children with love and responsibility, the play “The Song of the Earth” has won public acknowledgment of both adults and children, acclaiming it as an entertaining and educational show of high standards.


It is actually praise to Mother Earth, a loving song that embraces all creation, guiding us from “I” to “We”. It is a triumphal hymn awakening ecological awareness.
In tune with children’s imagination, the show is swarmed with humour, surprise and vigour, which fascinates the audience. Impressive masks, giant puppets and colourful shadow figures interact with the expressiveness of the actors and create a feast of colours, music and dance. The stage intelligence invites children to enter the play, giving then the chance to express their enthusiasm and ardour.

“It has been sheer satisfaction, at the end of our performances, to welcome children with sparkling and delighted faces, congratulating the actors impulsively.”

The cultural society “Lotinos Helios” (‘Lotus Sun’) has staged ‘The Song of the Earth’ in many theatres throughout Greece for the last two years. All performances have been focused on pupils of Elementary Education.


In the Great Court of the universe, the wind, the Sea, the Rain and the Drizzle, the Forest and the Parrot as the spokesman of the animals charge man with all ecological destruction. Symbolically, the blame is put on a small child, representing the future destroyer of mankind.
Mother Earth steps in declaring: “Children are the future of the world! The real culprit is the Dragon of Indifference; he is to blame!”

The child willingly commits herself to find something which is actually useless. A wonderful journey of adventure and knowledge sets out. The child discovers how ecological stability is achieved, he makes friends with animals, birds, ants, trees and she finally saves the forest, aided by the cloud-fire-brigade. When she meets the Dragon, she becomes disorientated. But eventually she is awakened by the happy Recycler, whose vivid imagination transforms all waste material into musical instruments.

“There is a mystic link among Man, Nature and Love. Water your thoughts, words and deeds with Love and the world around you will grow beautiful”.
The child realises his/ her inner strength. Wiser as he has become, he confronts his own Dragon of Indifference and liberates the Song of the Earth.
People, with their hand cups full of seeds, show up. They join and all together dance the maypole of Nature.
The circle becomes wider and wider embracing the whole Earth.
Join us!