Workshop Instructors: Korina Chrisaidou and George Haratzas

• I don’t know what I am doing
• I don’t know what to do with my “want”
• How do I build the character that I am playing?
• Should I feel what the character presumably feels?
• Can I become the character?
• On what should I concentrate on stage?
• What are my acting tools?
• How do I approach a text?
• Can I work on a text on my own without the guidance of a teacher or director?
• Is there a technique in acting? Is it something that can be learnt?

These are some of the most common apprehensions that most actors have, which though they are reasonable can be answered fully and practically.

Practical Aesthetics is the groundbreaking acting technique that David Mamet and his collaborators developed in the US in the mid-80s. Since then many well-known actors such as William Macy, Felicity Huffman (Oscar winner), Jessica Alba, Skeet Ulrich, Giancarlo Esposito, Larry Bryggman, Eddie Cahill, Neil Pepe and Kate Blumberg trained in and work using Practical Aesthetics. This technique explains fully what an actor needs to do in order to do his job. It provides him with specific, crystal-clear and absolutely practical instructions that can be implemented both during rehearsals and performances. Thus, the professional actor who has trained in Practical Aesthetics can be full of confidence because he knows exactly what his job is and how to bring it to fruition.
Practical Aesthetics is described theoretically in A PRACTICAL HANDBOOK FOR THE ACTOR (written by six of Mamet’s students). Studying the handbook prior to the commencing of the workshop is necessary because it is going to form the basis for the application of Practical Aesthetics.

The workshop regards graduates of drama schools and professionals in the performance areas. The training will be absolutely practical and will include many exercises and scene presentations.
An ultimate goal of this project is the building of a performance based on Practical Aesthetics that will be presented in M.Cacoyiannis Foundation.

Workshop structure: 10 sessions 4 hours each (1 session per week every Wednesday 6-10pm).
Starting date:  Wednesday 13/10/2010. Workshop fee: 290€/student.
Application deadline: 12/10/2010.

On Wednesday 13/10/2010 at 18:00 there will be an open session – class after which one can register.

In order to apply you have to do the following:
1. Read carefully before the workshop starts “A PRACTICAL HANDBOOK FOR THE ACTOR” (Vintage).
2. Complete the following application with your details and send it to the email address :

I wish to take part in the workshop on Practical Aesthetics acting technique at the M.Cacoyiannis Foundation. My details are:

After sending the application you will be informed via email or phone about the rest of the process and the paying method.
Because there are a limited number of places in the workshop there will be a priority list.