Sweet Country

Sweet Country


Anna and Ben are an American couple who have relocated to Chile (circa 1973), which is in turmoil due to the recent murder of Chilean President Salvador Allende, whose revolutionary leftist ideas angered the military. Anna and Ben become friends with Eva, the matriarch of a Chilean clan whose daughter Anna worked for Allende. Anna’s connection to the slain Marxist leader causes anguish for both families, particularly when Eva and many others are imprisoned and tortured, for their political beliefs. 

Actors: Jane Alexander, Franco Nero, Carol Lorre, Randy Quint, Joanna Pettett, John Colloum, Irene Papa, Katia Dandoulaki, Jean-Pierre Omont, Pierre Vanek
Screenplay / Direction: Michael Cacoyannis, (based on the novel by Carolyn Richards)
Director of Photography: Andreas Bellis
Music: Stavros Xarchakos
Sets – Costumes: Antonis Kyriakoulis

Genre: Social Drama
Production: Michael Cacoyannis – Hellenic Cinema Center
Duration: 147

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