When the Athenians took off in ships to recover their fabled noble daughter Helen from Paris of Troy, their sailing ships were stalled for lack of wind among a group of islands. They didn’t have enough food on board for a long stay at sea, and some of the expedition leaders, including Agamemnon and Meneleus, the cuckolded husband of Helen, decide to go ashore and kill some deer. However, they know that those particular deer are sacred to the gods, and that killing them would bring a curse for impiety onto the whole group. The head of the expedition, on examining the subsequent oracles, tells Agamemnon that the Athenian fleet will have no wind until he sacrifices his own daughter Iphigenia  to atone for the death of the sacred deer. Clytemnestra, the girl’s mother, tries everything in her power to prevent the sacrifice but is unsuccessful.


Oscar Nomination Award (Best Foreign-Language Film)
3 awards at Thessaloniki Film Festival

Actors: Irini Papa, Costas Kazakos, Costas Karras, Tatiana Papamoschou, Panos Michalopoulos, Giannis Fertis, Aleka Katseli, Manos Katrakis, Notis Pergialis, Takis Emmanuel
Screenplay / Direction: Michael Cacoyannis, (based on the work of Euripides)
Director of Photography: George Arvanitis
Music: Mikis Theodorakis
Sets – Costumes: Dionysis Fotopoulos

Genre: Ancient Tragedy
Production: Michael Cacoyannis – Hellenic Cinema Center
Duration: 127

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