The Wastrel

The Wastrel


Duncan Bell, a wealthy alcoholic living in the West Indies, quarrels with his wife and leaves the cocktail party he is hosting to board his speedboat with his 10-year-old son, Cam. The boat explodes, and as the two cling to debris, Duncan reviews his past. He recalls how he met his wife, Liana, in Rome after the war and her supposed infidelity with Rudi, a playboy, in Paris. He also recalls the boredom which caused him to attempt to sail a yacht around the world before the crew abandoned ship, his subsequent acclaim as a hero, and the start of his drinking problem. In the water for 6 hours and close to death, Duncan begins to see things in perspective and determines to start his life afresh.


Selected for the Cannes International Film Festival

Actors: Van Heflin, Elli Lampeti, Franco Fabrizi, Michael Stelman, Fosco Giacetti, Tiberio Mitri, Paul Mueller, Clelia Matania, Aldo Pini, Annie Grassini
Screenplay: Michael Cacoyannis – Frederick Weikman
Directed by: Michael Cacoyannis
Photography: Piero Portaloupi
Stage design: Ferdinando Roufos
Costumes: Gaia Romanini
Sound: Single Sensei

Genre: Drama
Production: Lux Film
Duration: 84