IMMF 2019 – THE FILMS OF THE COMPETITION SECTION The International Micro μ Festival 2019, for its 9th edition, will be held between October 9th and 13th, 2019, in several cities simultaneously, inviting once again the public to the ballot. The fifteen films of the competition section that will be…

“RUN ON ART” presents

Art Production Promotion and Empowerment Art stories Art Secrets Just like every personal journey hides its own unique story, so do the narrations written by Cypriots artists, who reveal their goals and dreams to the camera of “RUN ON ART” in a production aiming to follow their creative universe. The…

d.opa! dopamines of post Athenians

Aerites Dance Company FilesPRESS RELEASE(pressrelease_do... 26,6 kb)PICTURE 1(dopa_deltio-1.j... 2669,7 kb)PICTURE 2(bride.jpg 792,6 kb)PICTURE 3(madamme.jpg 621,8 kb)PICTURE 4(nightlife.jpg 659,2 kb)PICTURE 5(ouzo.jpg 722,3 kb)PICTURE 6(soldier.jpg 1090,0 kb)

"Michael Cacoyannis" Foundation

Press Kit × ❮❯ FilesTHE FOUNDATION, THE MISSION, ACTIVITIES PRIOR TO THE OPENING EVENT, OPENING EVENT(Foundation&miss... 141,3 kb)PICTURE 1(_MG_4360.jpg 602,2 kb)PICTURE 2(_MG_1786.jpg 372,5 kb)PICTURE 3(_MG_1710.jpg 594,2 kb)PICTURE 4(_MG_1720.jpg 471,8 kb)PICTURE 5(_MG_1518.jpg 637,4 kb)PICTURE 6(_MG_1544.jpg 556,8 kb)PICTURE 8(_MG_1523.jpg 533,1 kb)PICTURE 9(Esoteriko_Pano_... 743,7 kb)

The Events Horizon a visual arts proposal

Yiorgos Harvalias FilesPICTURE 1(charvalias1.jpg 324,4 kb)PRESS RELEASE(PressRelease_en... 30,2 kb)About the work(About the work_... 24,6 kb)PICTURE 2(charvalias2.jpg 281,3 kb)PICTURE 3(charvalias3.jpg 368,9 kb)PICTURE 4(charvalias4.jpg 361,7 kb)PICTURE 5(charvalias5.jpg 433,3 kb)PICTURE 6(charvalias6.jpg 928,2 kb)


To celebrate its 21st anniversary, Stanford Repertory Theater (SRT) is proud to partner with Planet Earth Arts and the National Center for New Plays in presenting a festival dedicated to the Environment and Social Justice. The festival features three original works: Voices of the Earth (a compilation of environmental writing); Polar…

Vassilis Tsabropoulos Tour 2016 – 2017 Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Greece

Mozart, Schubert, SchumannThe internationally acclaimed concert pianist, conductor and composer Vassilis Tsabropoulos performs some of the greatest piano works of Mozart, Schubert and Schumann, in his new European tour in Germany, Italy, Netherland and Greece. Vassilis Tsabropoulos was introduced in the international scene mainly as a composer through his deeply…