Another Round

Another Round

A bitter comedy… something like a good negroni.

Directed by: Thodoris Atheridis

From the 26th of October

at the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation


Nikos Orphanos, Michalis Iatropoulos,

Alexandros Balamotis, Thanos Grivas

Thodoris Atheridis directs on the stage of the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation in a world premiere of the play “Aspro Pato” (Druk – Another Round), translated by Antonis Galeou, bringing to the stage the film of the same name by Thomas Wittenberg which won the Oscar for best foreign language film in 2021, among many other European awards.

The life, the “coming of age” of four men.

Alcohol, lies, truth, defeat, victory…

A bitter comedy… something like a good negroni

Nikos Orphanos, Michalis Iatropoulos, Alexandros Balamotis and Thanos Grivas, chosen following an audition by the director for the role played by Mads Mikkelsen, make up the performance.  After all, Thodoris Atheridis decided to run an audition and give a voice to the new generation, to create the next artistic group.

The performance “Druk – Another Round” will premiere on Friday, 26 October 2022, at the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation..


In “Another Round”, a group of school teachers, four close friends, want to try a new approach to life and work:  they decide drink regularly, only during working hours, and maintain a slight level of intoxication throughout the day.  Their purpose is to prove, as Hemingway and Churchill firmly believed, that a slightly higher level of alcohol in the blood opens the mind to world outside, makes problems appear smaller, and increases creativity.  The experiment will prove exceptionally successful for some, but not so much so for others


I am attempting to depict the adventure of four adults in their futile attempt to become children again.

The main stage area is the school yard with “playground” elements, a slide, a see-saw, a swing, all around, which verify, through their use, this “return to a previous age”.  Managing freedom is the most difficult task in human life

Breaking the rules that they set for themselves is where immaturity trumps responsibility.

The most precious commodity, freedom, turns into a real ordeal.

After the first loss, things gradually change .

The final and irreversible end of their friend returns violently to rob them of their immeasurable enthusiasm, but not of their hope.

In reality, after the quagmire the return to adulthood begins again.


Translation: Antonis Galeos

Direction: Thodoris Atheridis

Set design: Nelly Sfakianaki

Video – image creation : Pantelis Makkas

Costumes: Agis Panagiotou

Lighting design: Christos Tziogas

Assistant director: Artemis Dourou

Video – image creation assistant: Anthi Paraskeva-Veloudogianni

Promo video: Thomas Palyvos

Photographs: Stavros Chambakis

Cast: Nikos Orphanos, Michalis Iatropoulos, Alexandros Balamotis and Thanos Grivas

Premiere: Friday 26 October

Performance days & times:

Wednesday & Sunday: 19:00

Thursday & Friday: 21:00

Saturdsay: 18:00 & 21:00