5 Aesop’s Fables

classic but … modern!

Carnival at the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation

 A revelry, full of fun by Mikros Notos Theater Company


February & March Sunday 5, 12, 19 and 26 at 11.30am

April Sunday 2/4 and 9/4 at 11.30am

Five well known and beloved Aesop’s fables come alive before the eyes of children and adults, with pure, hand-made ingredients, interactive games, live music and songs, humor and unpredictable transformations!

Battles, disputes, conflicts, rivalries and skirmishes compose a fiery setting. During the performance, children take on an important and active role regarding the development of the stories. It is a modern look at Aesop’s fables, emerging the need of coexistence as its central idea. Tradition helps the children discover a pure, intact, fair world that seems to be fading away.

Drums, guitar, harp, thunder tube, kazoo, magic drum, kalimba, guiro, music bowl, castanets, rattles, finger cymbals, cajon, offer spark and rhythm in this performance, where stories and live music are the protagonists.

Five Aesop’s fables, classic but… modern! Still relevant, these fables have the power to shape the citizens of a modern society. The actors and the musical instruments are introduced to the children, who experience the mishaps and the lessons from the natural world of animals, as well as the heroes’ transformations. Well known archetypical myths, rooted deeply in our tradition, meet with today’s children.

Having as the epicenter of our performance the human need for coexistence, we, as a big group of friends -actors and children together-, through stories and myths about animals, we talk about precious values such as peace, justice, friendship, industriousness, the power of thought, solidarity, love, bravery, reconciliation…

“The Ant and the Grasshopper”, “The Two Goats”, “The North Wind and the Sun”, “The Snake and the Crab”, “The Hare and the Tortoise” compose the interactive musical showΑESOP’SFABLEFIGHTS! presented by Mikros Notos Theater Company. Text and direction by Mikros Notos Theater Company and Petros Damoulis. A colorful show, full of energy, music and motion, that “speaks” allegorically about life, through the troubles of the life of animals and teaches us the importance of high values and ideals!


Idea-Artistic Director: Chryssa Diamantopoulou 

Text*-Director* Mikros Notos Theater Company

Original Music: Petros Damoulis

Soundscape Composition: Elsa Loumbardia

Lyrics*Νίκος Αξιώτης

*Text/Direction/Original music/Lyrics for “The Ant and the Grasshopper”, “The Two Goats”,and Lyrics for “The Hare and the Tortoise”: Petros Damoulis 

Set-Costumes: Georgia Bourda Movement Director: Elena Gerodimou ΤΙΕ Interactive Part: Flora Spyrou

Actors: Nikos Axiotis, Dimitra Skempi, Elsa Loumbardia

Live Music: Mikros Notos Company

Photography: Tasos Vrettos Press Contact: Evaggelia Skrobola  School performances management: Texnes&Paidi

Production manager: Chryssa Diamantopoulou Production: MIKROS NOTOS (Civil Non-Profit Company)


(Piraeus 206, (Hamosterna Heights), Tavros – CINEMA HALL)


Every Sunday at 11.30am until April 9th. OPENING DAY : February 5th.

Presale: mcf.gr, venue’s box office | www.mikrosnotos.gr

Information: +30 210 3418550
Ticket Info: General Admission: 12 euros. Discount* tickets: 10 euros

*Groups > 20 persons, Disabled, Unemployed, Multi-children families.

Run Time: 60 minutes without intermission | For children over 4|

On weekdays the show is performed at schools|Information for educators at +30 210 803197



Sunday 5/2, 12/2, 19/2 and 26/2 at 11.30am


Sunday 5/3, 12/3, 19/3 and 26/3 at 11.30am


Sunday 2/4 and 9/4 at 11.30am